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Enhanced stock screener, news, education, and trading.
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AInvest is an AI-assisted investment platform that helps users achieve their financial goals by providing tools and information for optimal investment decision-making.

The platform offers a stock screener that allows users to build watchlists and filter stocks based on various criteria.The stock screener provides access to over 10,000 AI-generated stock lists that are dynamically updated based on trending topics and technical signals.

Users can also create their own custom lists using the free Stock Screener tool. This feature helps users identify investment opportunities and stay informed about the market trends.Additionally, AInvest offers real-time news updates for stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other financial markets, allowing users to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

The platform also provides educational articles on stock and crypto trading, including topics like technical analysis and trading tips written by professionals.AInvest offers a desktop software that enhances the trading experience by providing features like multiple watchlists and stock charts on one screen, customized indicators, and drawing tools.

The platform also offers a mobile app for tracking top stocks, receiving investment ideas from Wall Street analysts, and accessing real-time market updates.Overall, AInvest aims to unlock the power of AI to analyze stocks and provide users with the necessary tools and information to make informed investment decisions.


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Nov 16, 2023
AInvest is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in reaching their financial objectives. By offering a range of tools and comprehensive information, AInvest empowers individuals to make optimal investment decisions.

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