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SQL queries optimized using live data and NLP.
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AirOps Sidekick is an AI-powered data assistant that can help teams of all sizes unlock the power of their data for faster and more efficient analysis.

The tool provides powerful recipes to help users create SQL queries, documents, and other internal tools with live data. With AirOps Sidekick, users can generate queries 3x faster than normal, leveraging natural language processing to create SQL queries from simple questions.

The tool also includes a SQL Fixer to explain and fix syntax errors, along with an SEO Helper to optimize product descriptions and a Brand Helper to generate ideas.

Additionally, the tool provides a Liquid Template Generator, A/B Test Creator, and Email Writer. All of these features are available for free to individuals and small teams.


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Feb 1, 2024
Sadly they no longer offer this. It was exactly what I was looking for/needed. I chatted with them and they said I could build it using their platform, but nothing more.

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Pros and Cons


Generates SQL queries
Natural language processing
Fixes SQL syntax errors
Optimizes SEO
Generates brand ideas
Liquid Template Generator
A/B Test Creator
Email Writer
Free for individuals, small teams
Web App, Chrome, Firefox, APIs
Python Writer
Query Doctor
SQL Query Optimizer
Table Documenter
Query Explainer
Python Script Creator
Generates dbt Configurations
Generates dbt Python Scripts
Compatible with Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, BigQuery
No credit card required
Offers sample data
Workspaces for teams
Document, sheet, API creation
Can forecast future data trends
Helps uncover business value
Offers user-requested features
Privacy-first: does not store data
SOC-2 Type 1 Certified
Provides data superpowers for free
Data stack setup
Automatic generation of YAML entries
Writes collection content
Creates SQL queries from questions
Updates queries using natural language
Offers brand ideas for ecommerce
Supports SQL fixing and modifying
Produces human-friendly query descriptions
Auto-suggestion of product descriptions
Question suggestor tool
Generates Python scripts from tables
Completes liquid template code
Creates promotional emails from product data


No mobile app
Lacks multi-language support
Limited database support
No offline mode
Doesn't support non-SQL databases
No real-time collaboration feature
Lacks comprehensive documentation
No user role management
No data visualization tools
Requires database or warehouse connection


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What is the functionality of the Liquid Template Generator in AirOps Sidekick?
What does the A/B Test Creator feature do in AirOps Sidekick?
Can you explain how the Email Writer feature works on AirOps Sidekick?
How does AirOps Sidekick help in creating SQL queries faster?
How does AirOps Sidekick assist in documentation?
Is AirOps Sidekick free for individuals and small teams?
What is the SQL Writer feature in AirOps Sidekick?
What is the Query Doctor tool in AirOps Sidekick?
What does the SEO Helper tool do in AirOps Sidekick?
Can you provide more information about the Brand Helper tool in AirOps Sidekick?
What is the use of the A/B Test Creator tool in AirOps Sidekick?
What is the Python Writer feature in AirOps Sidekick?
Does AirOps Sidekick work on all major browsers?


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