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Automated code refactoring and testing.
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Refraction is an AI-powered code improvement tool that helps developers generate unit tests, refactor code, create documentation and detect bugs in their code.

It is designed to be used with code written in C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, R Lang, Ruby, and Swift. Developers simply paste their code into Refraction, select their language, and hit "Generate" to have it automatically refactored and tested.

Refraction is designed to reduce the amount of time and effort required to develop software, allowing developers to focus on the parts of their project that matter most.

Additionally, Refraction can provide explanations for code, convert code between languages, separate hardcoded literals, and check for style issues. With Refraction, developers can build great software with less effort.


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Aug 13, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Generates unit tests
Automated code refactoring
Documentation creation
Bug detection
Code explanation
Code conversion between languages
Separates hardcoded literals
Style checking
Supports multiple languages
Online-based tool
Saves development time
Facilitates focus on essentials
Increases coding efficiency
Helps maintain coding standards
Code optimization suggestions
Presents modern coding practices
Inline documentation addition
Promotes cleaner code
Assistant for unit testing
Multi-language support for refactoring
Enhances software building process
Improves code readability
Transforms code into variables
Provides coding insight
Supports latest coding languages
Offers improved testing practices
Aids unresolved code problems
Tests creation for frameworks
Simplifies coding process
Checks for code inconsistencies
Counts for better scripting
Detects possible coding fixes
Assists in code understanding
Supports major programming languages


Limited free uses
No offline mode
Cannot handle complex codes
Over-simplistic refactoring
Limited language conversion
Potential misinterpretation of code
No native app
No dedicated support channel
Limited style checking
No multi-code input


What is Refraction?
How can Refraction improve my code?
Does Refraction support my programming language?
How does Refraction generate unit tests?
How can Refraction help me refactor my code?
Does Refraction also create documentation for the code?
Can Refraction detect bugs in my code?
Can Refraction convert code between languages?
What does Refraction mean by separating hardcoded literals?
Does Refraction check for style issues in my code?
Can Refraction explain my code to make it easier to understand?
Is Refraction easy to use?
How do I get started with using Refraction?
What is the pricing for using Refraction?
Why should I use Refraction?
How does Refraction help in building great software with less effort?
How many free uses do I get after signing up?
What has been the feedback about Refraction from other users?
What is the protocol for acceptable use of Refraction?
Who are the creators of Refraction?

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