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Language improvement platform.
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AISpeak is an AI-powered tool designed to help students practice English speaking and writing skills. Users can record their spoken or written responses and receive meaningful feedback from the AI evaluation.

The tool aims to improve English speaking abilities by providing a platform for practice and confidence-building.The tool requires users to create an account and subscribe to one of the available plans.

The payment for the chosen plan is non-refundable. Users must use the app for its intended purpose of learning English and refrain from using it for any illegal or unauthorized activities.

The app's content and materials, including text, graphics, logos, images, and software, are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.In terms of data collection, the tool collects information provided by users during the account creation process, including name, email address, and payment information.

This information is used to provide services, improve the app's performance, and communicate with users. The tool may share user information with third-party service providers as necessary.AISpeak offers a free trial plan with limited features, and a customized quote can be obtained to meet specific requirements.

The tool encourages collaboration and partnerships with like-minded individuals.Overall, AISpeak provides an AI-powered platform for English speaking and writing practice, with an emphasis on feedback and improvement.


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AISpeak was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Practice English speaking
Improve writing skills
Record spoken responses
Confidence-building platform
Account creation required
Plan subscription model
Protected content (text, graphics, logos, images, software)
Data collection (for improvement and communication)
Shares data with third-party service providers
Offers a free trial plan
Customized quote availability
Promotes collaboration and partnerships
Plan carries speaking practice questions
Provides image based questions
Writing practice questions in plans
Vocabulary building feature
Contact us for customized quote
Encourages real-world problem solving
A focus on cutting-edge technology


Non-refundable subscription
Limited free trial features
Data shared with third-parties
Only English learning
Account creation required
Text only, lacks visuals
No offline mode
Inconsistent Intellectual Property policy
Potential privacy concerns
No multi-language support


What is AISpeak?
How does AISpeak improve English speaking and writing skills?
Can I record spoken responses in AISpeak?
Does AISpeak offer feedback on my responses?
Is there a subscription plan for using AISpeak?
Is the payment for AISpeak plans refundable?
What happens if I use AISpeak for illegal or unauthorized activities?
What kind of content is protected by copyright on AISpeak?
What user information does AISpeak collect?
How does AISpeak use the information it collects?
Does AISpeak share user information with third-party service providers?
Is there a free trial plan for AISpeak?
How can I get a customized quote from AISpeak?
What is the intent behind encouraging collaborations and partnerships by AISpeak?
How to reset password if forgotten on AISpeak?
What are the limitations of the AISpeak free plan?
How to contact AISpeak for privacy concerns?
What kind of practice questions does AISpeak offer in its plans?
How to sign up for AISpeak?
How long does AISpeak retain user information?

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