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Application development for non-tech users.
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AITable is an AI tool that allows users to customize their AI ChatGPT, Apps, and Copilot by utilizing online editing datasets. Users can easily build AI applications with tables in just one click using

The tool offers a simple and efficient way to integrate table-based data into AI models.The focus of AITable is on enabling users to leverage their own datasets for training AI models.

By utilizing online editing datasets, users can build AI applications that are tailored to their specific needs. This tool eliminates the need for manual data preprocessing and formatting, as it streamlines the process of incorporating tabular data into AI models.AITable is powered by Cookiebot, a platform that provides essential consent management functionalities.

This ensures compliance with data privacy regulations by obtaining user consent for the use of cookies and collecting and sharing user information.The tool supports various types of cookies, such as necessary cookies that enable basic website functions, preference cookies that remember user preferences, and statistic cookies that analyze user interactions with the website.

Additionally, AITable supports marketing cookies that track user activity across websites to display relevant ads.In summary, AITable is a user-friendly tool that facilitates the integration of table-based datasets into AI models.

It simplifies the process of building AI applications by providing a one-click solution and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations through its integration with Cookiebot.


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Pros and Cons


Utilizes online editing datasets
Integrates table-based data into models
Eliminates need for data preprocessing
Streamlines process of data integration
Powered by Cookiebot platform
Ensures data privacy compliance
Collects and shares user information
Supports necessary, preference, statistic cookies
Supports marketing cookies
Can turn 'tables' into 'chatbot'
Integrates with Discord, Slack, LiveChat
Integrates with Intercom
Provides enterprise ChatGPT assistant
Creates Slack bot for auto-replay
Creates Discord chatbot via 1-click
Offers infrastructure API for 3rd party chat bots
Free during private beta
Embedding feature for frequently asked questions


No offline mode
Relies on Cookiebot
Multiple website dependencies
No multi-platform support
Limited integration options
Requires constant internet connection
Too many necessary cookies
Lacks built-in permissions management
Single development environment
Extraneous third-party services


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How does the online editing of datasets work in AITable?
What is Cookiebot and how does AITable use it for consent management?
How does AITable ensure data privacy compliance?
What types of cookies does AITable support?
Can I build custom AI chatbots with AITable?
How does the 1-click solution of AITable work?
Can AITable be used to turn tables into an AI Chatbot?
How can I integrate an AITable chat widget into my website?
How can AITable help with my Customer Service operations?
Can I create a Slack bot using AITable?
What is AITable’s infrastructure API and how can I leverage it?
What are some potential use-cases for AITable?
How does AITable facilitate integration of table-based data into AI models?
What are the options for AITable's pricing?
Is there any help center or resources for developers to learn to use AITable?

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