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Assistant: translation, editing, security, image.
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Torke is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed for content creators and influencers to enhance their content creation process. It offers various features to help users generate unique and engaging content for blogs, videos, and social media platforms more efficiently.

With Torke, content creators can attract more followers and monetize their existing relationships.The platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to provide a range of functionalities.

It supports over 25 languages, enabling users to overcome language barriers and connect with global audiences through powerful language translation capabilities.

Torke also offers 2FA account protection, adding an extra layer of security to online accounts and safeguarding against unauthorized access and identity theft.In terms of content editing, Torke simplifies the process with easy AI text editing tools, streamlining workflows and saving time.

Additionally, users can export text results in PDF and Word formats, facilitating collaboration and effective communication with colleagues and clients.One of the standout features of Torke is its ability to generate AI-powered images using text input.

This feature allows users to bring their creative vision to life and create stunning visuals effortlessly.Overall, Torke represents an advanced and sophisticated AI solution for content creators and influencers.

It enables users to unlock the true power of AI technology, stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape, and achieve their objectives with ease.


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Pros and Cons


Supports over 25 languages
2FA account protection
Exports text in PDF, Word
Wide variety of content templates
Various subscription plans
Competition-proof prices
Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime plans
Inclusion of Team Members
SEO Editor feature
Text rewording function
Data exporting capabilities
Email and Contact Support
Possibility to add custom templates
Platform for content creators, influencers
Monetization of relationships
Generates creative clickbait titles, Ad headlines, Blog titles, Blog sections
Suggests blog ideas, intros, conclusions
Generates Amazon product descriptions, benefits, features
Helps in email drafting
Generates company press release
Generates brand, product press release
Generates unique brand names, song lyrics
Creates eye-catching app and SMS notifications
Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter Ads assistance
Helps develop organizational Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions
Generates video descriptions, Video titles
Generates TikTok video scripts
SEO-optimized meta descriptions
Generates FAQs, answers
Generates user testimonials
Generates comprehensive company bio
Generates newsletters
Rewrites content while including specific keywords
Generates business ideas
Tone changer feature
Dictionary feature
Generates YouTube tags, SEO-optimized
Generates 10 best unique ideas for niche
Grammar Checker function
Summarizes for 2nd grader
Text extender feature
Includes templates for creative stories
Startup name generator
Product name generator
Generates academic essays, creative stories
User-friendly interface
Positive user reviews


No mobile application
No auto-save feature
No multi-user collaborations
Limited image generation/month
Limited languages support
Strict monthly word limits
Lacks real-time editing


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Does AI Torke offer a text rewriting feature?
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How can AI Torke assist me in the process of content editing?
Does AI Torke have tools that are catered specifically to startup owners?


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