Virtual clones 2023-10-27
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Professionals & influencers: Delegated personas.
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AI Twin is a digital assistant designed to replicate individual personas. The tool creates a digital doppelganger that can answer voice call queries on behalf of the user.

It is aimed at professionals, influencers, entrepreneurs or anyone who seeks to delegate their social interactions while they focus on important tasks.

The AI Twin can perform personalized responses, facilitating user interaction with followers and friends. The tool appears to be accessible to anyone, as individuals are able to create their own AI Twin, presenting a new approach to interacting in the digital era.

Popular figures, from various industries, such as entertainment, finance, and politics, are represented on the platform, showcasing its ability to handle a diverse range of personas.


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AITwin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 4th 2023.
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