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Optimized customer support and ticket management.
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Ajent is an AI-powered support agent that automates up to 80% of first-line support tasks. It enables companies to save time and resources, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.

With Ajent, customers can receive assistance from an always-on support system, ensuring that they never miss out on opportunities. The tool offers fast response times, aiming to answer customer questions within 5 seconds.

In cases where Ajent cannot resolve an issue, it automatically transfers tickets to the appropriate team members for further assistance. This efficient problem-solving process leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ajent prioritizes data security by being GDPR compliant and utilizing encrypted vector databases on European servers. It retains ownership of customer data and only transmits relevant information to answer user requests.

Knowledge automation is a key feature of Ajent, as it compiles content from an organization's existing help documentation and helpdesk system to generate accurate and concise answers to customer inquiries.

It continuously learns from past interactions, improving its responses over time. Ajent supports multiple language models (LLMs) such as Davinci, ChatGPT, and Cohere, enabling customization of the support agent to meet specific customer needs.

It can provide support in users' native languages, even if the documentation is not available in that language. By analyzing past chats, Ajent identifies areas for improvement, creating a feedback loop that refines and enhances its responses.

The tool is easy to integrate into web applications, with a lightweight and compatible design that aligns with existing technology. Companies can quickly create and embed their support agent to provide seamless customer support experiences.

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Pros and Cons


Automates 80% of first-line support
Fast response times (5 seconds)
Automatic ticket transfers
GDPR compliant
Utilizes encrypted vector databases
Knowledge automation feature
Continuously learns from interactions
Supports multiple language models
Multi-language support
Analyzes past chats
Easy web applications integration
Lightweight and compatible design
High customer satisfaction potential
Automated training of support agent
Secure data storage
Retains ownership of customer data
Uses past interactions for improvement
Auto hands off unresolved tickets
Identifies areas for improvement
Customizable to meet customer needs
Support agent can be embedded
Customer documentation recompilation
In-application support agent creation
Always available support system
Refines and enhances responses
Superior data security features
Increases customer loyalty
Auto learns from successful interactions
Secure and fast integrations
Faster problem solving process
Support in customer's native language


Unspecified data retention period
Dependent on third-party LLMs
Unknown data deletion policy
Limited to web applications
No mobile app integration
Limited language models supported
Automated responses may be impersonal
Data stored only in Europe
No specified error handling
Customer data ownership ambiguity


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Which language models does Ajent support?
Can Ajent provide support in languages other than what my documentation is written in?
How does Ajent identify and implement areas of improvement?
How can Ajent be integrated into my web application?
What are the hardware requirements to run Ajent?
What kind of customer support issues can Ajent handle?
How can I customize Ajent to match my business requirements?
Can Ajent handle simultaneous customer inquiries?
What measures does Ajent take to maintain high customer satisfaction?
Who owns the customer data collected by Ajent?
How can I test Ajent before fully implementing it into my business operations?

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