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Improved phone sales team communication and follow-up.
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Aktify is a tool that offers conversational AI and SMS technology specifically designed for phone sales teams. The tool enables sales teams to convert potential leads into inbound phone calls by leveraging AI-powered text messaging.

Aktify's conversational AI agent allows sales teams to engage in thousands of SMS conversations simultaneously, streamlining the lead follow-up process.

The tool emphasizes its track record of success, having facilitated 4.7 million conversations that resulted in $60 million in net new revenue. By utilizing Aktify, sales agents can focus their attention on closing deals instead of mundane tasks associated with lead follow-up.

The tool improves communication efficiency by enabling conversations through text messages, ensuring messages are seen without being marked as spam or lost in voicemails.

This approach optimizes the time of sales representatives, freeing them up to prioritize higher-level tasks. Moreover, Aktify's AI agent consistently follows up with leads until they express an interest or disinterest, ensuring that no lead goes unnoticed or becomes obsolete.

This proactive approach ultimately contributes to higher close rates. Aktify also highlights its ability to automate speed-to-lead, identifying the most interested customers and directly connecting them with the sales team.

The tool emphasizes data compliance and security as a top priority, ensuring that customer data is safe and secure throughout the entire process. In summary, Aktify's conversational AI and SMS technology aim to unlock revenue potential for phone sales teams by enabling efficient lead follow-up, improving communication channels, increasing close rates, and automating speed-to-lead processes.

Aktify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 7th 2023.
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