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Improved productivity with code completion
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The Alibaba Cloud AI Coding Assistant (Cosy) is an AI-powered plugin for IntelliJ IDEs, including IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, and more. It is designed to enhance developer productivity by helping write better code and code faster.One of the key features of Cosy is AI-assisted code completion.

It provides full-line code completion using a highly advanced machine learning model that runs entirely on your own device. This means that it can suggest code completions in real-time, reducing the need for manual typing and increasing coding efficiency.In addition to code completion, Cosy also offers immersed code search capabilities.

It supports open-source code snippet and API usage search, as well as code document search. This allows developers to quickly find relevant code and documentation within their IDE, creating a seamless coding experience.Cosy prides itself on being lightweight and low on resource consumption.

It comes with all its features out of the box and aims to effectively complete your code and provide helpful code snippets without draining your system's resources.Privacy and compliance are also emphasized by Cosy.

The powerful deep completion model runs entirely on your machine, and your code or personal information is never shared or uploaded.Currently, Cosy primarily supports Java, with support for other languages coming soon.For support or suggestions, users can file an issue on the Cosy GitHub repository.

With Alibaba Cloud AI Coding Assistant as your coding companion, a pleasant coding journey is expected.


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Pros and Cons


Compatible with IntelliJ IDEs
Works on Android Studio
Enhances developer productivity
Provides full-line code completion
Advanced machine learning model
Real-time code suggestions
Offers immersed code search
Supports open-source code snippet search
Supports API usage search
Supports code document search
Lightweight and low resource consumption
Runs entirely on your device
Adheres to privacy and compliance
Does not share/upload personal information
Supports Java programming language
Has online support via GitHub
Low latency
Continuous improvement and updates
Real-time documentation lookup
Supports offline use
Minimal key strokes
Windows, Mac OS and Linux compatible
Supports IntelliJ 2020.1 or later versions


Limited language support
Works only with IntelliJ IDEs
No offline documentation
Not open-source
Potential high CPU usage
Slower performance with large projects
High memory usage
No multi-platform support
Requires latest IntelliJ versions


What is the Alibaba Cloud AI Coding Assistant (Cosy)?
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What kind of assistance does Cosy provide to developers?
Does Cosy require a lot of system resources to function?
What measures does Cosy take to ensure privacy and compliance?
What programming languages does Cosy currently support?
How can users provide feedback or suggestions for Cosy?
What is the 'immersed code search' capability of Cosy?
Can Cosy complete my code in real time?
How does Cosy handle open-source code snippet and API usage search?
Is Cosy a lightweight tool?
What kind of machine learning model does Cosy use for code completion?
Where can I find the Cosy GitHub repository for support or suggestions?
Does Cosy provide documentation lookup in my IDE?
How does Cosy run on my device without sharing or uploading my code?
What other languages will Cosy support in the future?
Do I have to accept the Plugin Marketplace Agreement to use Cosy?
What does it mean that Cosy comes with all its features out of the box?
Does Cosy offer assistance offline?
Can Cosy be used with IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio and other IntelliJ IDEs?

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