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Alice App is a privacy-centred desktop application designed to augment productivity through AI. The app is capable of engaging with different AI models such as GPT-4, Perplexity, Claude 3, among others.

Alice App stands out with its user-friendly interface, pre-built prompts known as 'Snippets', and keyboard shortcut integration for quick access and commands.

The app allows users to create tailored assistants capable of various tasks including, but not limited to, social media content creation, scheduling, and cost management.

These assistants can communicate with linked applications, triggering automations and executing commands. Alice app has over 100 ready-to-use prompts for different purposes, including summaries, brainstorming, text correction, and more.

It also enables users to create their custom Snippets. Alice makes use of keyboard shortcuts, allowing users to execute commands within the app and assign shortcuts to Snippets.

It connects with several mainstream applications such as Stripe, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Gmail, Spotify, and Todoist, allowing Alice App to perform tasks within these apps based on user command.

Although setup requires minor no-code tweaks, the interoperability enhancement significantly increases Alice App's utility.


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