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Boosts efficiency, streamlines information for users.
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Allclues is an AI-infused workspace designed to enhance productivity and knowledge organization. It offers a range of features that cater to researchers, content creators, and students.

For researchers, Allclues provides a Similarity Tracker, ClueReport, and Strategies to Enhance Productivity, which enable efficient summarization of readings and help save time.

Content creators can benefit from AI-powered grammar and style suggestions, intelligent content structuring, and the ability to showcase their creations confidently.

One notable feature of Allclues is the OmniMap, which visually displays connections and patterns between collected information, facilitating knowledge exploration.

Users can easily capture web articles, PDFs, newsletters, and inspirations through a browser extension, allowing for quick and effortless saves to their Allclues account.

The AI-driven Clues AI assistant automatically organizes collected information and identifies connections between them, providing a seamless experience.

Users can also perform customized searches using their own words, as Clues AI understands their needs and preferences. Team collaboration features are currently being developed and will be included in future updates.

Allclues ensures privacy and works on multiple platforms, allowing users to shape the future of the workspace. With its user-friendly interface and focus on reading, writing, and knowledge organization, Allclues empowers users to boost productivity, improve critical thinking skills, and achieve seamless information management.


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Oct 25, 2023
Hi community. I am one of the founding members of Allclues. Please join web beta at

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Pros and Cons


Boosts efficiency
Streamlines information
Caters to researchers
Beneficial for content creators
Beneficial for students
Similarity Tracker feature
ClueReport summaries
Productivity enhancement strategies
Intelligent content structuring
OmniMap visualization
Browser extension for capturing content
Processes web articles
Processes PDFs
Processes newsletters
Automatic information organization
Identifies connections between information
Customized searches
Works on multiple platforms
User-friendly interface
Focus on reading and writing
Aids in knowledge organization
Boosts critical thinking skills
Supports seamless information management
Coming updates for team collaboration
Privacy ensured
Self-organized ClueTags
Writing skill advancement
Reading skill enhancement
Quick Read summaries
Inspiration save option
Dynamic mind map
Personalized Search
Brand marketing optimization


No team collaboration features yet
Limited platform availability
No mobile app
Lacks real-time collaboration
Limited content capture formats
No offline mode
Potentially overwhelming interface
No API for third-party integrations


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