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Alpha is an artificial intelligence-based investment exploration tool provided by Public Holdings, Inc. and powered by GPT-4, a generative large language model from OpenAI.

Alpha is designed to help investors understand and analyse financial markets in real time. It provides a summary of stock news headlines and detailed analysis with the aim of enhancing your investing insights.

With Alpha, investors can screen market trends, explore different investment options such as stocks, ETFs, bonds, treasuries, investment plans, and cryptocurrencies.

It also offers resources like the treasury yield curve, treasury bill overview, bond screening tool, and high yield savings calculator. It is important to note that any output by Alpha should not be taken as investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell a security but should serve as a basis for one's independent appraisal of the situation.

Alpha is accessible on every asset page on Public, and you can ask any query and inform your investment decisions with precise financial data. The tool synthesizes financial data and presents it through an intuitive, natural-language interface, making it easier for investors to handle and understand complex financial information.


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Alpha by Public was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time data
Historical data access
Covers stocks, ETFs, crypto
Natural language interface
Real-time market screening
Detailed stock analysis
Investment in security baskets
Enables fractional share buying
Supports fine art, collectibles
9,000+ stocks coverage
Company-specific analysis
Access quote data
Access financials, fundamentals
Analyst recommendations
Outlooks, news, commentary
Available on asset page
Can answer user queries
Reactive chat feature
Provides timely market insights
Enriches data with context
Handles complex financial information
Historical investing context
Natural language output
Enhanced research capabilities
Bond screening feature
Earnings call summaries
Alert on unusual asset movement
Tracks market movers, gainers, losers
Find assets' financial fundamentals
Accessible on every asset page
Analyzes SEC filings, transcripts
Access analyst ratings, reports
Social sentiment analysis
Cleaned, structured financial data


Potential for inaccurate information
Not meant for investment advice
No specific data source transparency
Depends on GPT-4's language limitations
Limited to assets available on Public
Lack of standalone functionality
Possible missed emerging market trends
Relies on user's financial literacy
No options for customization
Experimental technology uncertainties


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