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Global document and financial data research platform.
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AlphaResearch is a comprehensive AI-powered research platform that allows individual and institutional investors to access millions of global documents, filings, transcripts, and reports.

The platform uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to extract insights from these texts and traditional financial data.

AlphaResearch provides a powerful search engine with the ability to quickly find the exact insights needed, as well as access to institutional-grade fundamental data, market data, news, and analyst estimates.The platform also includes features such as document alert and filing screener, trending topics and sentiment analysis, news watch, insider transactions and institutional ownership analysis, ETF and mutual funds holdings, note taking, a global equity screener, and data visualization.

AlphaResearch is designed to help investors make better investment decisions, executives execute better business plans, and save hundreds of hours of research.

The platform offers three pricing plans, with a free trial for 7 days and discounts for firms buying multiple seats.


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Pros and Cons


Access to global documents
Extract insights from text
Institutional-grade fundamental data
Market data access
News and analyst estimates
Document alert feature
Filing screener feature
Trending topics analysis
Sentiment analysis
News watch feature
Insider transactions analysis
Institutional ownership analysis
ETF and mutual funds holdings
Note taking feature
Global equity screener
Data visualization feature
Search through millions of documents
Highlight and reference documents
Write notes inside platform
Document share and collaboration
Advanced sentiment analysis
Pricing plan options
Free trial for 7 days
Discounts for multiple seats
Bulk financial data analysis
Helps make better investment decisions
Helps execute better business plans
Time-saving research tool
US market specific pricing
Document search for SEC filings
Document search for press releases
Document search for earnings call transcripts
Trending topics and sentiment analysis
Global document search
Excel & Google Sheets add-on
Premium research reports (Enterprise Plan)
API Access (Enterprise Plan)
Account and invoice management (Enterprise Plan)
Dedicated account manager (Enterprise Plan)
Unique insights discovery
Reduce time to discovery
Insight combination from unstructured text and financial reports
Coverage: Global (Professional & Enterprise Plan)
Coverage: US (Basic Plan)
Data export feature
SLA (Enterprise)
Access to premium Research Reports (Enterprise)
Monitor insider transactions
Multi-language support
Tracking ETF & Mutual Funds holdings


Limited free trial duration
No mobile application
Complex features
Potential data processing delays
Limited global coverage on basic plan
Complicated pricing structure
Premium features restricted to enterprise package
Requires credit card for free trial
Only offers discounts to enterprises


What is AlphaResearch?
How does AlphaResearch use AI and machine learning?
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Does AlphaResearch offer a free trial?
How does AlphaResearch's document alert and filing screener work?
What functionalities does AlphaResearch's data visualization provide?
Can AlphaResearch track insider transactions and institutional ownership?
Can you take notes within the AlphaResearch platform?
Can you collaborate with colleagues on the AlphaResearch platform?
Does AlphaResearch allow you to access ETF and mutual funds holdings?
What does AlphaResearch's global equity screener do?
Does AlphaResearch perform sentiment analysis?
What kind of documents can you search through using AlphaResearch?
Does AlphaResearch offer API access?
Are there discounts for firms buying multiple seats on AlphaResearch?
How do the different pricing plans of AlphaResearch vary in features?

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