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Hyper-personalized LinkedIn sales engagement platform.
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Altera is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps salespeople on LinkedIn to engage with leads and close more deals. By tapping on the Altera icon, users can generate hyper-personalized comments, inMails and posts, tailored to the recipient, the subject being discussed and designed to increase engagement.

It also provides analytics and search functions to help users find the right contacts. With Altera, users can craft custom messages quickly and at scale, saving time and energy when engaging with LinkedIn contacts.

Additionally, users can customize their AI training for a more personalized experience. Altera is available in three plans, with a 3-day free trial, and offers customer support for any questions.


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Altera AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Hyper-personalized sales engagement
Tailored content creation
Inbuilt analytics
Inbuilt search function
Custom message generation
Simple UI with Chrome
Tailored message suggestions
Rapid response generation
Compatible with LinkedIn
Generates contextual comments
Writes engaging posts
Enhanced engagement
Increased conversions
Multiple pricing plans
Available 3-days free trial
Customer support provided
Boosts LinkedIn reach
Saves time and energy
Helps close more deals
Creates standout LinkedIn content
Improves business relations
Resonates with LinkedIn contacts
Unlimited generation
Custom A.I. Training available
Automatic comment generation


Only works on Chrome
Limited to LinkedIn platform
No mobile application
Price might be high
Lacks third-party integrations
No free version after trial
No multi-account support
Tailored analytics might be basic


What is Altera AI?
How does Altera AI help salespeople on LinkedIn?
What kind of messages can Altera AI generate?
What is the functionality of the Altera AI analytics and search?
What is custom AI training in Altera AI?
How does Altera AI integrate with Chrome and LinkedIn?
How are messages generated by Altera AI tailored to increase engagement?
Does Altera AI support custom team accounts?
How can Altera AI assist me in generating comments, InMails, and posts on LinkedIn?
What are the different plans offered by Altera AI?
Is there a free trial period for Altera AI?
How can Altera AI help me reach out to my contacts more effectively?
What is the beta pricing feature in Altera AI's plans?
Can Altera AI help me save time when engaging with LinkedIn contacts?
Is customer support available for Altera AI users?
What functions does the Altera AI chrome extension perform?
How easy is it to use Altera AI?
Does Altera AI help in generating only LinkedIn messages?
Can I customize my AI training with Altera AI?
What's different about Altera's AI-powered solution for salespeople?

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