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Change your voice with AI for professional performances.
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Altered Studio's software and services utilize unique AI technology to offer a diverse suite of voice manipulation tools. The software allows users to change their own voice into any voice from the curated portfolio provided by Altered Studio, making it ideal for creating convincing professional or creative voice-driven performances.

The platform offers a range of specialized features, including a Voice Changer for Media Production, which modifies the user's speech for various media applications.

A Real-Time Voice Changer enables the modification of vocal qualities such as identity, accent, style, age, and gender for live communication while preserving aspects like tempo, inflection, and tonality.Further features include Premium Text-to-Speech, providing life-like narration, Voice Cloning that can replicate any voice from a few seconds of recording, and AI Voice Cleaner which optimizes dialogue pacing, and eradicates background noise, voice fillers and mouth artifacts.Users can also access a Voice Editor, create custom voices, and explore a resourceful Help Center.

The Generative AI feature is designed to augment rather than replace human talent, infusing AI into the acting process and introducing the concept of 'Voice Puppeteering' for innovative audio storytelling.The software is equipped with other utilities like real-time voice changing for any platform running on Windows and AI-powered speech transcription and translation in over 75 languages.

The primary objective is to facilitate immersive, high-quality voice content creation with an emphasis on creative control and professional output.

Altered was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Apr 27, 2024
Amazing tool
Jul 22, 2023
سلام چه خبر

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Pros and Cons


Custom voice creation
Voice Cloning feature
Real-Time Voice Changer
Over 75 languages supported
Built-in Noise Cancellation
Premium Text-to-Speech
High-quality voice content creation
Biometric voice data secure
Voice puppeteering
Confidential project service
Voice for media production
Live communication voice alterations
Replicate voices from samples
Eradicates unwanted sound elements
Transform vocal qualities
Works on Windows platform
Facilitates creative control
Utilized by major studios
Website customization cookies
Immersive audio experiences
Human-artistry augmentation
Multi-character audio production
Extensive voice manipulation tools
Trusted by industry professionals
Realistic digital voice doubles
Works with numerous applications
Optimized dialogue pacing
Transcription in 75+ languages
Accurate translation in 75+ languages
In-app Text-To-Speech feature
High-quality Voice-Over
Ultra-low latency voice morphing
Generates specific project voices
Flexible delivery control
Voice Editor functionality
Comprehensive Help Center
Informed usage data collection
Easy sign up process
Free trial available
Positive user reviews
Designed for privacy protection
Translates transcriptions to 75+ languages
Generates voice overs in 70+ languages
Allows for unique vocal identities
Supports real-time voice changing


Limited platform compatibility
No specified data security
Unknown cookie usage
Optimization features unclear
Lack of user-friendly interface
Limited language coverage
No stated ease of use
No cancellation noise details
Pricing details vague
Unspecified user support


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