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Generate images from text on Apple Silicon.
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Amazing AI is an app developed exclusively for Apple Silicon (M1/M2) devices. It uses Stable Diffusion, a deep learning, text-to-image model, to generate detailed images conditioned on text descriptions.

The app is highly optimized for the Apple Neural Engine, making it faster and more energy efficient than other image generation tools. It also offers features such as batch generation for different prompts, shortcuts support, and automatic upscaling.

The generated images are free to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes, but must adhere to the Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license’s usage restrictions.

The app has no ads and is available on the App Store.


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Pros and Cons


Exclusively for Apple Silicon
Uses Stable Diffusion
Highly optimized for Apple Neural Engine
Faster than other tools
More energy efficient
Batch generation for different prompts
Supports shortcuts
Automatic upscaling
Commercial or non-commercial image use
Available on App Store
Keyboard shortcuts in preview mode
Negative prompt feature
Meta-data in saved images
Tags for smart folders
Compatible with macOS 13.1
Future custom model support
Square aspect ratio support
Secure and sandboxed
Native user interface


Only for Apple Silicon
Requires MacOS 13.1
No Intel Chip compatibility
Doesn't support Stable Diffusion 2
Doesn't support inpainting/outpainting
Only generates square images
Requires large disk space
No immediate iOS support
Not localized
Cannot create custom models


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What devices is Amazing AI compatible with?
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Can I use images generated by Amazing AI for commercial use?
Are there any restrictions on the use of images generated by Amazing AI?
Does Amazing AI support batch generation for different prompts?
What is the specialty of the Apple Neural Engine that Amazing AI uses?
Is the Amazing AI available on the App Store?
Does Amazing AI offer shortcuts support?
Who developed the Amazing AI?
What are the system requirements for Amazing AI?
Why it is necessary for Amazing AI to run only on an Apple Silicon?
Does Amazing AI offer automatic upscaling?
Are there ads in the Amazing AI app?
Is it possible to provide custom models in Amazing AI?
Can Amazing AI support inpainting/outpainting?
Can Amazing AI generate images with aspect ratios other than a square?
Why does Amazing AI take up so much space on disk and memory?
Is there any plan to add iOS support for Amazing AI?

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