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Text conversation analysis for relationship insights.
Generated by ChatGPT

Texts from my ex is an AI-powered tool that allows users to analyze their text conversations to gain insights about their relationships. The tool is compatible with WhatsApp and iMessage, enabling users to extract valuable information from their conversations.

Through GPT-powered algorithms, the tool provides a comprehensive analysis of communication dynamics, attachment styles, moments of intimacy, challenges faced, cute moments, and fundamental issues affecting the relationship.The generated report offers a deeper understanding of the relationship, highlighting the attachment dynamics that shape it, the styles of communication adopted, and the moments of vulnerability, tenderness, and affection experienced.

Users can also gain insights into the challenges they faced as a couple and understand the fundamental factors that either make or break the relationship.An important aspect of Texts from my ex is its emphasis on privacy.

It assures users that their chats are neither visible nor saved, promoting confidentiality. The tool also offers a compatibility score that users can share with their friends, allowing for discussions and comparisons.Texts from my ex is part of Amori, an AI dating app aiming to foster meaningful connections through voice.

The app utilizes users' conversations to learn about them and provide guidance in navigating relationships and deepening connections. It is available for download on iOS devices.Overall, Texts from my ex provides a unique opportunity for users to gain insights into their past or current relationships, facilitating self-reflection and potentially improving their understanding of relationship dynamics.

Amori was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Compatibility with WhatsApp and iMessage
Comprehensive communication dynamics analysis
Analyzes attachment styles
Identifies moments of intimacy
Highlights relationship challenges
Detects cute moments and affection
Pinpoints fundamental relationship issues
Promotes confidentiality
Generates a compatibility score
Encourages user discussions
Incorporates learning from conversations
Provide relationship guidance
Supports self-reflection
Improves understanding of dynamics
Offers style of communication insights
Focuses on user privacy
Encourages sharing of results
Highlights moments of vulnerability
Detects patterns of tenderness
Analyzes relationship strengths and weaknesses


Only for iOS devices
Limited to WhatsApp, iMessage
No Android, Instagram compatibility
Relies on GPT algorithms
No offered solutions
Only analyzes text conversations
Lacks real-time analysis
No multi-language support
Requires download
No desktop access


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