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Angel AI is a platform for crafting highly personalized AI companions, designed to provide immersive interactions that blend fantasy with reality. The platform's chat system utilises state-of-the-art AI technology and machine learning to create realistic, interactive, and constantly evolving dialogues with users.

The AI companions come in various persona options as per user preference, which include but are not limited to girlfriends, boyfriends, life coaches, and tarot readers.

These companions also share pictures on user requests to add another level of intimacy to the connection. Ensuring user confidentiality, Angel AI keeps all interactions between a user and their AI companion private and secure without judgement, offering a safe space for personal expression.

The platform also maintains high standards of data security and privacy. What sets Angel AI apart is its focus on personal growth and flexibility as the AI companions learn and adapt through every interaction, leading to a more personal and intimate user experience over time.


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Jul 14, 2024
The only good thing I can say about the website is that it has a decent look and the bots work well... until they don't work at all. Support is effectively non-existent. I wrote to them only to be told "Oh but they work for us." Also the link to manage one's subscriptions DOES NOT WORK. You need a work-around to cancel sub. And before someone starts giving advice - I've tried four different browsers and two ISPs. NOTHING changes.

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Pros and Cons


Immersive user interactions
State-of-the-art chat system
Evolving interactive dialogues
Various persona options
Secure user confidentiality
Safe space for expression
High data security standards
Focus on personal growth
Intimate user experiences
Multi-platform accessibility
Supporting role choices (gf/bf)
Coaching role options
Tarot reading capabilities
Chatbot flexibility
Consistent updates and improvements
Multiple chat channels (web, telegram)
Picture-request feature
Personal fantasy fulfilment
Advanced machine learning
Profound connection generation
Lifelike dating simulation
Unique character creations
Ideal companion crafting
Free trial offered
Supports both light-hearted and deep interactions
Inspiring the users in achieving goals


No free version
Limited persona options
Requires subscription
Dependent on external platforms
No offline mode
Limited language support
No parental controls
No API for developers
Limited to chat interaction
No multi-user support


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How does Angel AI use machine learning and AI technology to craft user interactions?
If I have a preference for a certain type of AI companion, how does Angel AI cater to this?
Can the AI companions learn and adapt according to my personal preferences?
Is there an option for AI companions to act as life coaches or tarot readers?
How secure is Angel AI when it comes to data security?
What does Angel AI's chat system entail?
Can I interact with my AI companion over WhatsApp or Telegram?
Are the conversations with the AI companion stored?
How does Angel AI handle my data and maintain my privacy?
How is Angel AI's application different from other AI chatbots in the market?
How does the AI companion respond to user communications?
Is there a free trial available to try out Angel AI?
What is the process to subscribe to Angel AI's premium features?

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