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Engage audiences with 3D and augmented storytelling.
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Animant is an AI-powered storytelling tool that allows users to create engaging experiences by blending their imagination with the world around them. This tool enables users to write scenes with natural language, turning their words into interactive 3D stories without requiring any knowledge of 3D animation.

Animant can generate simple 3D objects with accurate appearances and measurements, making it accessible for anyone to build engaging product demos or classroom sessions with practical experiments in augmented reality (AR).Designed with AR at its core, Animant allows users to visualize interactive 3D experiences within their real-world environments and merge the real world with the virtual one.

Users can create 3D models using their camera, scanning physical objects and even entire rooms to construct 3D floor plans. Animant also offers the ability to blend dimensions by incorporating 2D photos, PDF documents, and videos alongside 3D content.

It introduces an intuitive feature that enables users to drop waypoints along a walking route in AR, directing the movement of objects and enhancing scene-building efficiency.The tool includes a comprehensive studio and supports features such as object capture, lights, physics, offline rendering, and Markdown-based captions.

Animant prioritizes privacy by not collecting any personally identifiable information. It is available for iOS 16+, iPadOS 16+, and macOS Ventura 13+, with plans to expand to Apple Vision Pro.


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Animant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive 3D storytelling
Natural language scene creation
No need for 3D knowledge
Generates 3D objects accurately
Facilitates augmented reality (AR)
AR-focused design
Merges real with virtual
3D modeling via camera
Scans physical objects
Creates 3D floor plans
Blends 2D and 3D content
AR Waypoints for object route
Offline rendering support
Markdown-based captions
Does not collect personal info
Available on iOS 16+
Available on iPadOS 16+
Available on macOS Ventura 13+
Upcoming for Apple Vision Pro
Creates product demos
Aid for practical classroom sessions
Blends dimensions together
Lighting and physics support
Scene work online and offline
Captions can be read aloud
Apply photo texture on objects
Set panoramic photos as environment


Supports iOS/macOS only
No Android support
No object editing features
Offline rendering could be slow
Requires modern Apple hardware
Limited integration options
Might require high device space
Learning curve for AR features
Markdown captions may limit customization
No desktop version listed


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How does Animant blend 2D photos, PDFs and videos with 3D content?
What is the waypoint feature in Animant?
What are some of Animant's studio features?
How does Animant ensure user privacy?
Which platforms support Animant?
Is Animant planning to expand to Apple Vision Pro?
Can I use Animant offline?
Can I add captions to my scenes in Animant?
How does Animant support scene realism?
Does Animant support external lighting and physics?
Can I use Animant to scan an entire room?
What does it mean that Animant doesn't collect personally identifiable information?
Can Animant read my captions aloud?
Does Animant offer any texturing options for 3D objects?


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