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Learn interactively with animated children's drawings.
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Animated Drawings is an AI tool presented by META AI Research that enables users to bring their children's drawings to life by animating characters to move around.

This tool uses JavaScript and requires users to enable it to run the application. The animations are created by the tool, based on the content of the drawings provided.The purpose of this tool is to provide a fun and interactive way for children to see their drawings come to life.

This tool can be used as a learning tool for children to understand basic animation concepts and can provide a creative outlet for them to express their imagination.

Users can provide feedback through a form provided on the page, which indicates that the tool may still be in a prototype or testing phase. The page also provides links to the tool's Privacy Policy and Cookies page, which indicates that cookies are used to enhance the user experience and keep track of user preferences.

Overall, Animated Drawings is a simple and user-friendly AI tool that brings drawings to life and can be used as an educational tool for children.


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Aug 16, 2023
It is fun and easy to make it work for the kids

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Pros and Cons


Interactive learning tool
Brings drawings to life
User-friendly interface
JavaScript-based tool
Useful for understanding animation
Cultivate children's creativity
Supports user feedback
Privacy Policy available
Cookies for enhanced experience
Prototype or testing phase
Easily accessible via URL
Promotes imagination expression


Requires JavaScript enablement
Possibly in prototype phase
Uses cookies
Lacks mobile optimization
Limited to line drawings
No API available
Limited animation control
No offline capability
Drawings not locally saved
Limited user customization features


What is AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
How does AnimatedDrawings by Meta work?
What is required to run AnimatedDrawings?
Can AnimatedDrawings by Meta animate any drawing?
Is AnimatedDrawings by Meta suitable for children?
What is the educational value of AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
How do users provide feedback on AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
Does AnimatedDrawings by Meta use cookies?
What is the privacy policy of AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
Where can I find the terms of use for AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
Does AnimatedDrawings track user preferences?
Can I use my own drawings in AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
Is AnimatedDrawings by Meta still in the testing phase?
How simple is AnimatedDrawings by Meta to use?
Where can users start with AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
What languages is AnimatedDrawings by Meta built in?
Does AnimatedDrawings by Meta require any specific settings in my browser?
What kind of animations can AnimatedDrawings by Meta produce?
Can a user alter the animations generated by AnimatedDrawings by Meta?
What do users need to know about cookie use with AnimatedDrawings by Meta?


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