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Personalized anime style portraits from uploaded photos.
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AI Anime Picture Generator is a powerful AI tool that allows users to create custom anime pictures with a variety of styles. By uploading a portrait photo, users can choose from a selection of styles such as One Piece, Naruto, Webtoon, Fate Series, Elf, Original, and more.

The AI is trained on 500,000+ anime pictures and generates 100 personalized pictures within an hour. The tool also provides users with guidelines on how to get the best results when uploading a photo and gives the option to select attributes to help the AI recognize certain features.

Additionally, users can contact the team via Twitter with any questions or concerns. The original photo is stored in France and is fully compliant with GDPR laws, and the generated photos are stored for an unlimited time.


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Mar 12, 2024
Let convert my normal video to anime
Jun 4, 2023
3 men with huge cocks are raping a petite girl

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Pros and Cons


Multiple anime styles
Generates 100 pictures
Fast delivery (1 hour)
Provides user guidelines
GDPR compliant storage
Unlimited storage for generated photos
Twitter support
Various style choices
Allows attribute selection
Affordable pricing
Negative result solutions
Trained on 500,000+ images
Optimized for single person portraits
Highly specific style options
Capability to add attributes
Supports customization of initial photo
Generated photos are 512px
HD format upgrade promised
Strict adherence to user guidelines
Clear guidelines for best results


Single person photos only
No refund policy
Undynamic attribute recognition
Limited style options
Requires clear background
Uploading rules restrictive
Specific photo sizing
Results depend on waiting time
Limited image resolution (512px)
No multi-platform support


What is Anime AI Picture Generator?
How does Anime AI Picture Generator work?
How many pictures can Anime AI generate within an hour?
How was Anime AI trained?
What styles can I choose from in Anime AI?
What are the guidelines for uploading a photo to Anime AI?
What happens if I don't follow the guidelines for uploading a photo in Anime AI?
How can I contact the Anime AI team?
Where is my original photo stored with Anime AI?
What GDPR laws is Anime AI complying with?
For how long does Anime AI store the generated photos?
How much does it cost to generate 100 anime pictures with Anime AI?
How can I select my preferred styles in Anime AI?
Why do I have to select my gender while using Anime AI?
What if Anime AI doesn't recognize certain attributes of my photo?
How long does it take for Anime AI to deliver the generated pictures?
Can I generate pictures of multiple people with Anime AI?
What if I don't like the pictures generated by Anime AI?
How is my original photo used in Anime AI?
What is the size of the anime pictures generated by Anime AI?


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