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The most powerful AI anime maker, unlimited renders + HD upscale.
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AnimeMaker AI is a free artificial intelligence-based platform that allows users to create, generate, edit, and upscale anime-style images. The tool offers instant cloud-based operations which means that users don't require any GPU or storage capacities.

The key functionalities include upload and edit options where users can upload their own photos and tweak them using the power of AI. The system also comes with a vast range of pre-installed styles and models to choose from to aid in customization.AnimeMaker AI allows for high-resolution rendering and incorporates advanced features like inpaint and control net.

To ensure continuous creative process, the platform provides unlimited AI upscale, with three unique modes available. The AI tool also houses more than a terabyte of pre-installed styles and resources, making it easy for users to experiment and play around with designs and concepts.

Users can also safely store their art and prompts in the provided cloud storage. On the commercial side, AnimeMaker AI offers a creator-friendly license, allowing users to commercially use their AI-generated creations on almost all platforms including books, games, and social media.

Additionally, the tool provides live chat support around the clock and features dedicated guides to help users get started and master using the platform.

With AnimeMaker AI, it's claimed that users will be able to switch seamlessly between devices without any setup or delay, and it features a variety of AI models and unique styles made by the community for users to leverage.

In addition, it also provides features for upscaling and syncing between different devices, making it versatile and accessible on all devices.In conclusion, AnimeMaker AI is a user-friendly AI tool designed to make AI-enabled anime image creation accessible to all, promising realism, fast processing, and diverse creative possibilities.


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AnimeMakerAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based operations
No GPU storage required
Upload and edit options
Pre-installed styles and models
High-resolution rendering
Advanced features like inpaint
Control net functionality
Three unique upscaling modes
Over 1TB pre-installed styles
30GB cloud storage for art
Creator-friendly commercial license
24/7 live chat support
Dedicated user guides
Seamless switch between devices
Variety of unique community-made styles
Device syncing features
Access on all devices
Fast image processing
1TB+ pre-installed LoRAs
Allows commercial use
No tech setup required
Supports anime and Realistic styles
Syncs between phone & pc
Creator friendly, royalty free
Supports Control Net, Generative Fill
Access to pirate diffusion features
Private, customizable bot
18+ content supported
Different community chat groups
Modern hardware: RTX A6000s, 4090s, 3090s
Fast image generation time
7-day risk free guarantee
Unlimited photo to anime conversion
Supports Stable Diffusion 2.1
Personal cloud drive for syncing
Web gallery feature
Free ai anime maker
Unlimited image renders
Web app and chat bot available


Relies on cloud connectivity
Potential for chat distractions
Limited to anime styles
May require steep learning curve
Creating adult content restrictions
Requires strong internet connection
Risk of data privacy
Potential for limited style diversity
Requires account creation
Limited cloud storage capacity


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