Data annotation 18 Jan 2023
An efficient way to label text data for analysis tasks.

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Anote is an AI Assisted Data Labeling tool that helps you quickly and accurately label large amounts of data. It leverages recent advances in Few Shot Learning, allowing you to label just a few examples and have the rest labeled automatically.

This technology is combined with Programmatic, Human in the Loop, Synchronous, and Contextual capabilities to provide a radically better way of annotating text data.

Anote supports Text Classification, Document Labeling, Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition, Speaker Diarization, and Part of Speech Tagging. It helps save time, money, and effort, while ensuring high quality data with up to 85% accuracy.

It also provides explainability of results and flexibility to quickly adapt to changing business requirements. Anote is the perfect solution for transforming a tedious task into an enjoyable and fun AI project.



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