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AnswerThis is an advanced AI tool specifically designed to assist researchers by providing comprehensive literature reviews. The AI has the capability to scan and analyze information from a library of over 200 million sources, aiming to provide highly reliable and detailed data.

The tool simplifies the research process by supplying summaries of papers, giving paragraph-by-paragraph citations, and granting access to the relevant pieces of study.

The AI system is engineered to produce scholarly answers that can be directly inserted into academic papers. It doesn't just find the research papers but also understands them, interpreting users' questions to deliver wholistic, research-backed explanations along with direct citations and summaries for every paper utilized.

This tool offers multiple pricing plans, including a free plan for individual use and more comprehensive plans for professional and institutional use.

The free plan allows users to upload, analyze their own papers and add up to 10 papers per month, while the professional plan offers unlimited access to the tool's features with priority support.


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Mar 18, 2024
This is a great tool for researches like us and our research community, it makes the literature review so easy. all the data is extracted automatically related to our query along with citation. Truly commendable tool and recommendable to those who are not using it till now.
Mar 18, 2024
AnswerThis is a wonderful AI tool. I have been using this tool for my research work. It has saved my time and increased work efficiency.
Mar 18, 2024
Thanks for including us! We really appreciate it.

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AnswerThis was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Scans 200 million sources
Provides comprehensive literature reviews
Offers paper summaries
Gives paragraph-by-paragraph citations
Access to relevant studies
Produces scholarly answers
Interprets user questions
Delivers research-backed explanations
Supplies direct citations
Includes summarized papers
Multiple pricing plans
Free plan availability
Upload and analyze own papers
Pricing for professional and institutional use
Unlimited access with professional plan
Priority support for professional plan
Understands research papers
Cuts through research noise
Analyzes questions wholistically
Specialized for academics
Offers start up plan
Tailored summaries from uploaded content
Pro Plan offers newest features
Institutional access with volume discount
Institutional custom integration
Dedicated account management
On-site support and training
Internet-enabled queries
Extracts data from uploaded content


Limited papers on free plan
Requires paid plan for unlimited access
No built-in collaborative features
Lacks comprehensive customer support
Dependent on internet connection
No on-site support for individual users
No mention of mobile compatibility
Unclear how frequently database is updated
Needs user-based manual uploading
Limit on internet queries in free plan


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Can AnswerThis analyze and understand research papers?
Does AnswerThis interpret user questions?
What pricing plans does AnswerThis offer?
Do I get any papers with AnswerThis's free plan?
What benefits do I get with AnswerThis's professional plan?
What is included in AnswerThis's institutional plan?
Does AnswerThis offer specialized solutions for academic scholars?
Does AnswerThis provide paragraph-by-paragraph citations?
Can I upload and analyze my own papers with AnswerThis?
Can AnswerThis be utilized in various fields like law, social science and business studies?
How does AnswerThis assist in academic writing and data analysis?
Does AnswerThis verify the used sources?
Is there support available for users of AnswerThis?
What are some of the newest features AnswerThis offers for professional users?

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