FAQ chatbot 2023-01-03
Discord bot automating community FAQs.
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Ansy is a GPT-3 powered AI discord bot that automates community FAQs. It reads your message history from public channels and provides contextual answers in as little as 5 minutes.

Ansy can be trained with markdown files and responds to questions with a humorous response when triggered with '/s' at the end of a question. It also saves time for moderators by automating repetitive questions and provides instant support to members.

Ansy learns from user interactions and feedback and can do broad category searches. It is also capable of doing minor writing tasks like server announcements, tweets, and emails.

Ansy is offered in a monthly and annual subscription plan, starting at $4.99/mo and $49/yr respectively. It is available for free trial and provides 10 questions answered without any credit card requirement.

Ansy is currently limited to English only, and is soon to be available for Slack and Whatsapp.

Ansy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates community FAQs
5-minute response time
Trainable with markdown files
Humorous response mode
Automates repetitive questions
Instant support to members
Learns from interactions
Broad category search capability
Performs minor writing tasks
Free trial without credit card
Monthly and annual subscription options
Future availability for Slack and Whatsapp
Creates server announcements
Generates tweets and emails
User feedback improves performance
Saves time for moderators
Increases community engagement
Enhances productivity
Cost-effective pricing
Secure data encryption
Refund policy in place
Continuously evolving capabilities


Limited to English only
Lack of multi-platform support
Training with markdown files
Specific trigger '/s'
Limited free trial
Requires chat history for learning
Limited training files for lite version
Limited answers per month
Humorous responses may not suit all


What is Ansy?
How does Ansy work?
What sources does Ansy use to provide answers?
How quickly can Ansy provide answers to community FAQs?
What is the '/s' trigger at the end of a question used for in Ansy?
How does Ansy help save time for moderators?
What are the writing tasks Ansy can undertake?
What are the subscription plans available for Ansy?
Do I need a credit card for the free trial of Ansy?
Is there a language limitation for using Ansy?
Can I use Ansy for Slack and Whatsapp?
What does it mean to train Ansy with markdown files?
How does Ansy use the history of my public channels?
Is there a limit to the number of questions Ansy can answer in the subscription plans?
What happens if I don't like Ansy's answers?
How does Ansy maintain the security of my messages?
What benefits does Ansy offer to community members?
How does Ansy increase engagement in the community?
Can Ansy do broad category searches?
What is the GPT-3 model that Ansy is built on?


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