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Expert legal document analysis and advice.
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AI Law, with Astria, is an advanced artificial intelligence system designed specifically for legal work. It is powered by Anya, who has been trusted by over 100 law firms throughout the US.

Anya is able to understand and analyze legal documents, providing expert advice and reducing costs. The implications of Anya's AI technology is that it will bring significant changes and efficiencies to the legal field, increasing productivity exponentially.

Reports have been released demonstrating how AI is disrupting the legal field and how it is changing the game in the industry. Anya's AI technology is an invaluable tool for law firms, enabling lawyers to focus on high-value tasks and make faster, more informed decisions.


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Anya (law) by Astria was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Task automation for law
Expert legal document analysis
Enables informed decision making
Assists in high-value tasks
Reduces overall costs
Increases efficiency and productivity
Provides expert legal advice
Custom-designed for legal work
Trusted by 100+ law firms
Document understanding capability
Can be tried for free
Supports US-based law practices
Reputable in the industry


Limited to legal industry
No free trial mentioned
US oriented service
No data security info
Not open source
Lacks customization options
No mobile app mentioned
Not available in other languages
No offline functionality


What is Anya by Astria?
How does Anya help in legal practices?
Can Anya provide expert legal advice?
How does Anya increase productivity in legal work?
How is Anya disrupting the legal field?
How is Anya changing the game in the industry?
How can Anya reduce costs for law firms?
Why is Anya considered an advanced artificial intelligence system?
How does Anya understand and analyze legal documents?
What high-value tasks can lawyers focus on by using Anya?
What decision-making benefits does Anya provide?
Can I try Anya for free?
Is there a sign up process to use Anya?
Who is using Anya currently?
How can Anya change law practice forever?
What efficiencies does Anya bring to the legal field?
How is artificial intelligence impacting the future of law?
Why is Anya considered invaluable to law firms?
Can I talk with Anya without having an account?
Does Anya work with law practices throughout the US?


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