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GPT-3 prompts for API and task management.
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AnyAPI is a powerful tool that enables users to query GPT3 and receive JSON instead of plain text. With AnyAPI, you can quickly and easily add AI features to your product with just one API call, and even test out different GPT-3 prompts with A/B testing.

AnyAPI offers a live API endpoint that can power your next AI feature in minutes. It also allows you to turn emails into tasks and suggests replies, and will soon allow you to query GPT-3 for plain text JSON.

AnyAPI is free during the Beta period and is made by Zigg and Victor Timsit. It also comes with a privacy policy to ensure that your data is secure.


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AnyAPI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick query GPT3
Provides ready-to-use JSON
One API call integration
Live API endpoint
Supports A/B testing
Converts emails into tasks
Suggests email replies
Offers dynamic task management
GPT-3 plain text JSON coming soon
Free during beta period
Crafted by experienced developers
Efficient data analysis features
Data security via privacy policy
Short turnaround time
Discord community support
Task automation through emails
Enables complex prompt crafting
Avoids messy manual parsing
Recipient-specific reply suggestions


Only supports GPT-3
Limited to JSON output
No plain text support
No API documentation provided
Email-to-task feature limited
Unclear data privacy details
API trial version only
No A/B testing guidelines
Only supports English
Lack of customer support


What is AnyAPI?
How does AnyAPI work?
How can I begin with using AnyAPI?
What is the significance of the GPT-3 prompt with A/B testing?
What is the functionality of the live API endpoint in AnyAPI?
Can I turn emails into tasks using AnyAPI?
How secure is my data when using AnyAPI?
What does AnyAPI's privacy policy entail?
Is there a cost associated with using AnyAPI?
Who is AnyAPI created by?
In what way does AnyAPI add AI features to my product?
What are some use cases for AnyAPI?
How do I test different GPT-3 prompts with AnyAPI?
How quickly can I build my next AI feature with AnyAPI?
What does 'receiving JSON instead of plain text’ mean in the context of AnyAPI?
What does it mean to get ready to use JSON as opposed to unpredictable plain text?
What is the role of Zigg and Victor Timsit in the development of AnyAPI?
Why is it called AnyAPI and does it support all APIs?
How can I transform an email into tasks and suggested replies with AnyAPI?
Does AnyAPI allow for querying GPT-3 for plain text JSON and how would that work?


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