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AnyBot is a platform that enables users to create custom AI bots for any use case. It is powered by OpenAI GPT-3 technology, making it easy to customize the bot's personality and instructions to provide an engaging and personalized experience for customers.

The platform also provides the option to create a fine-tuned chatbot that is trained on the user's knowledgebase, PDF, or website. AnyBot is simple to use and requires only basic information to create a bot, such as the chatbot name, bot personality, and bot instructions.

It also includes a privacy policy and terms of service, allowing users to remain confident in the security of their data. AnyBot is a powerful and versatile tool for businesses of all sizes, providing a reliable and efficient way to create custom AI bots.


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May 15, 2023
It doesn't work. It won't allow you to create a robot.

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Pros and Cons


Engaging personalized experience
Customize bot's personality
Fully customizable instructions
Minimal information required
Privacy policy included
Terms of service included
Adequate data security
Fine-tuned chatbot creation
Platform for multiple use-cases
User-based bot training
Future-proof with upcoming features
Easy-to-use interface
Requires only basic details
Bot training on user's knowledgebase
Option to train on website
Can train bot from PDFs
Versatile for businesses sizes
Ability to create custom bots


Requires basic information
No API mentioned
No integration options
No multi-language support
Doesn't support voice chatbots
No direct deployment capabilities
Fine-tuned chatbots coming soon
Not suitable for complex use-cases
No transparent pricing information
No demo or trial available


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How can I create a bot using AnyBot?
Is there a tutorial for Anybot?
Can AnyBot access my data securely?
Does Anybot offer fine-tuned chatbots?
What information do I need to create a bot with AnyBot?
What does 'chatbot that is trained on your knowledgebase' mean?
Does AnyBot offer a waitlist for the launch of the fine-tuned chatbot feature?
How can I contact AnyBot for further information and assistance?
Where can I find AnyBot's pricing information?
How do I sign up or log in to AnyBot?
Can AnyBot help me to build a bot for my specific use case?
Does AnyBot have any recognition or reviews on platforms like Product Hunt?
Can I add the AnyBot chatbot to my website?

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