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Digital question answering for text and video.
Generated by ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that allows users to ask questions about their documents and videos and receive accurate answers that cite the source.

It works by extracting text from documents and videos and then using natural language processing (NLP) to provide answers. It is built on the engine, which is trusted by students for its is designed to save users time by providing accurate answers quickly.

It supports multiple file types such as PDFs, videos and web pages, and can generate flashcards from documents. It also stores text, embeddings and meta data, but not the files themselves.

It is compliant with GDPR, DPA 2018 and ISO 27001.The tool also provides tailored learning maps which enable users to visualise, explore and level up their studies.

Additionally, it highlights knowledge gaps to help users understand where their knowledge is lacking. Users can sign up for a free trial to upload three documents and experience the power of

The Pro and Enterprise plans are also available for more advanced features such as co-worker sharing, use on chats and up to 3000 pages per upload.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple file types
Generates flashcards from documents
Compliant with GDPR, DPA 2018 and ISO 27001
Provides tailored learning maps
Highlights knowledge gaps
Free trial available
Pro and Enterprise plans
Supports up to 3000 pages per upload
Built on trusted engine
Doesn't store files, only text, embeddings, and metadata
Supports PDFs, videos, web pages
Quotes source in answers
Privacy of uploads
Ability to level up studies
Capable of cohesive answers from different paragraphs
Faster than 'Find' feature
Offers document fact-checking
Can be used on chats
Allows co-worker sharing
Supports co-study with friends
Generates quizzes
Understands lecture-specific maps
Allows creation of links between concepts
Automatic study planning feature
Analytics cookies for improved user experience
Data visualisation capability
Fast and accurate responses
Time-saving tool
Allows university registration
Interactive user sign up
Usage of necessary cookies
Document citing in answers
Caters to 'Knowledge Gap'
Supports 20,000 searches a year
High volume document indexing
Supports document embedding
Knowledge-based interactive map
Facilitates CTRL+F Speedrun
Supports popular podcasts
Interactive Demo offered
Visualisation of lecture-specific map
In-built flashcard generator engine


Not open-source
Limited free trial
Expensive plans
No file storage
No API mentioned
Limited to 3000 pages/upload
Depends on JavaScript
Requires user registration
Closed Digital Rights
Limited peak performance


What is
How does generate answers?
Which file types are supported by
How does use natural language processing (NLP)?
What is the engine and why is it trusted by students?
How does help me save time?
What kind of data does store?
What privacy and security standards is compliant with?
What are the tailored learning maps provided by
Does have a feature to highlight knowledge gaps?
Is there a free trial for and what are its scope and limitations?
What is included in the Pro and Enterprise plans of
Can I share access with co-workers using
How does generate flashcards from documents?
How many pages can I upload per session on
Does provide document-specific search results?
Why is more accurate than chat interfaces?
Does include the source of its answers?
Is's service uninterrupted during peak periods?
Can I ask the AI questions about a YouTube video with

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