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Revolutionary job preparation aid.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered job preparation tool that aims to revolutionize the job search process. With its innovative features, it helps job seekers stand out from the crowd and increase their chances of securing their dream job.

The tool generates tailored interview questions based on the specific job the candidate is applying for, making their preparation process easier and more efficient.

This ensures the candidate is well-prepared, has all the right answers, and feels confident during the interview.The tool's cover letter generator helps candidates create a customized and compelling letter that reflects their qualifications, skills, and experience.

It streamlines the process by allowing candidates to upload their CV and the job description, making the process of writing a cover letter as easy as also offers a CV check feature that scans job descriptions for critical keywords and skills and ensures the candidate has included them in their CV.

This increases their chances of passing the screening process and being shortlisted for the job.Overall,'s cutting-edge technology helps candidates unlock their full potential and stand out from the competition by providing them with personalized, AI-powered tools for job application and interview preparation.


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ApplAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates tailored interview questions
Customizable cover letter generator
CV upload feature
CV check feature
Interview preparation aid
Keyword and skill identification
Personalized letter creation
CV matches job description
Boosts applicant confidence
Streamlines job search process
Highlights relevant skills
Interactive user interface
Increases shortlisting chances
Career success aid
Stands out in crowd
User-friendly application process
Free trial available
Potential unlocked assistance
Job application tool
CV customization tool
Supports career success
Sign up option
Log in option
Social network links
Terms and Privacy links
Contact information available
Improves interview preparedness
Increases resume readability
Supports job seeker confidence
Job specific questioning
Enhances interview coaching
Improves CV readability


No mobile app available
No multi-language support
Lacks offline functionality
Limited template styles
No skills assessment feature
Doesn't support different CV formats
No feedback on interview answers
No job search function
No LinkedIn integration


What exactly is ApplAI?
How does ApplAI generate tailored interview questions?
What information is needed to use the cover letter generator on ApplAI?
How does the CV check feature of ApplAI work?
Why should I choose ApplAI for my job preparation?
Does ApplAI offer any free trials?
Can ApplAI really help me stand out from the competition?
Is there a limit to the number of personalized interview questions I can generate on ApplAI?
What specifics does ApplAI’s CV check look for?
Is there any preparation needed before using ApplAI’s cover letter generator?
Does ApplAI only generate interview questions for specific types of jobs?
In what ways does ApplAI customize the cover letter and resumes?
What is the success rate of users using ApplAI?
How is the AI technology used in ApplAI?
How does ApplAI increase my chances of passing the screening process?
Are there any tutorials or guides to get started with using ApplAI?
Who can I contact if I run into any troubles when using ApplAI?
What platforms can I access ApplAI from?
How does ApplAI ensure user data privacy?
Can I use ApplAI for non-job related interviews?


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