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ML-powered interior design visualization.
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Arch Synth is an AI-powered design architecture tool designed for architects and designers to easily transform their sketches and ideas into stunning visuals.

This platform boasts a simple and intuitive interface with easy steps to follow: uploading a sketch, inputting the desired style, and letting the AI do its magic.

The user can then preview and download the rendered image effortlessly. The tool offers a variety of prebuilt templates to fine-tune the user's preferred style, or the user can describe custom styles in words and watch the AI bring them to life.

Arch Synth claims to effortlessly convert pencil sketches into stunning visuals and supports various mediums such as hand-drawn artwork, rough concepts, architectural drawings, product designs, character sketches, and interior design concepts.

The AI technology used enables the user to unlock their full creative potential, showcase their vision, and gain a competitive edge. Arch Synth's versatile technology can help architects and designers save time, boost their creativity, and enhance their overall workflow, enabling them to explore endless possibilities with ease.

The solution offered is efficient in revolutionizing architecture and design making it simple, intuitive, and accessible.

Archsynth was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms sketches to visuals
Intuitive interface
Preview and download feature
Offers prebuilt templates
Supports custom styles
Works with various mediums
Enhances workflow
Boosts creativity
Time efficient
Supports hand-drawn artwork
Supports rough concepts
Supports architectural drawings
Supports product designs
Supports character sketches
Supports interior design concepts
Versatile technology
Multi-medium support
Allows style fine-tuning
Transforms ideas into reality
Google sign in integration
Showcases user vision


Limited customization options
Requires clean sketches
Lacks advanced refining tools
Only supports static media
No collaboration features
Inadequate for complex projects
Limited prebuilt templates
Weak error handling approach
No mobile app available
Doesn't support 3D modelling


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