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WhatsApp chatbot handled daily tasks/answered questions.
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Ariana is a personal chatbot and AI assistant designed to help users manage their day-to-day tasks, available 24/7 on WhatsApp. Powered by ChatGPT, Ariana can write emails, generate product descriptions, summaries of texts or articles, provide technical support for homework, and answer work-related queries in real-time.

The tool is designed to make daily tasks easier for students, parents, freelancers, builders and creatives. Users can start a chat with Ariana on WhatsApp, as they would with a friend or co-worker, and ask her to complete tasks or answer questions.

Ariana is available to all users globally and does not require a credit card to start using. Users can start with a free trial, which allows them to send ten messages per day, or subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan with the ability to cancel anytime.

The paid plan offers greater messaging capabilities with a discount for a yearly subscription. The tool is designed to ensure user privacy and data security with only the user and Ariana having access to conversations.

The tool is offered by Timworks, a client support app for professionals.

Ariana AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available 24/7 on WhatsApp
Writes emails, product descriptions
Offers technical support
Answer real-time work-related queries
For students, parents, freelancers
Free trial version
Multiple subscription plans available
Monthly and yearly rates
No credit card required
User privacy and data security
Offered by reputable company
Dedicated support for homework
Customized for different professions
Optimized for busy lifestyle
Messages per day limit
Discount on yearly subscription
Helps with daily tasks
Global usage
Can summarize texts, articles
Idea-generation aid
Help with research
SEO keywords finder
Can generate product descriptions
Bug-fixing support
In-app learning capability
Affordable pricing
Cancellable subscriptions
Data only accessible to user
Built on reliable GPT-Chat tech
Capability to 'learn' from user
Good customer support
Platform-specific alternative assistants available
Dedicated support for educators
Cost-effective yearly rates
Assists with professional writing
Task and query assistant
Central London based
Designed for WhatsApp interface
Assists with creative tasks
Professional and student-friendly
Chat-friendly interaction
Generates creative copy
Returns immediate answers
Support for builders and freelancers
Comes with trustworthy privacy
Help tailored towards target audience
Can be used anywhere globally


Free version very limited
Restricted to WhatsApp
Paid plans needed for extensive usage
Potentially slow reply in crowded chat
Limited error handling capability
Dependency on chatbot for task management
No integration with other chat platforms
No offline functionalities
Cannot handle complex requests
Lacks advanced personalization settings


What is Ariana AI?
How does Ariana AI work?
How can I get Ariana AI on my WhatsApp?
What tasks can Ariana AI help me with?
Is Ariana AI available 24/7?
Does Ariana AI require a credit card to start using?
Is there a free trial for Ariana AI?
What are the monthly or yearly plans for Ariana AI?
Can I cancel my Ariana AI subscription anytime?
How is my data and privacy secured with Ariana AI?
Does Ariana AI offer technical support?
What can Ariana AI do for students?
What can Ariana AI do for parents?
What can Ariana AI do for freelancers?
What can Ariana AI do for builders?
What can Ariana AI do for creatives?
Which professionals can utilize Ariana AI?
Can Ariana AI write emails and generate product descriptions?
Is Ariana AI available to users globally?
What are the pricing details for Ariana AI?

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