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Armchair is an AI copilot designed to help you choose and launch the right side hustle or business idea for you.

CHOOSE: Get free side hustle ideas based on your background, skills, experiences, and interests. Basing the ideas off you drastically increases the likelihood of success.

VALIDATE: Use AI to internally validate your side hustle so you can get more confidence that you are launching the right idea.

Armchair AI ensures that users avoid pursuing the wrong idea by taking into account your industry experience and objectives. Users answer a series of questions to receive tailored business suggestions suitable for different stages of entrepreneurship. Armchair AI catalogs precisely, without using marketing language or buzzwords, making it an exceptional AI tool.

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Armchair was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 25th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Tailored business suggestions
Takes user experience into account
Different stages of entrepreneurship
Catalogs precisely
Avoids marketing language
Avoids buzzwords
Based on interests
Based on skills
Based on experiences
Based on goals
Internal validation of ideas
Increases likelihood of success
Saves time in decision making
Caters to different skills
Caters to different industry experiences
Caters to different interests
Side hustle and business focus
User-friendly questionnaire process
Avoid the wrong business pursuit
LinkedIn and Twitter support


Limited to business suggestions
No language customization
Limited user data privacy
Dependent on user accuracy
No multi-user functionality
No external validation
Limited industry scope
No real-time support
No business planning tool


What is Armchair AI?
How does Armchair AI help me choose the right business or side hustle?
What information does Armchair AI need to suggest business ideas?
How does Armchair AI validate business ideas?
What factors does Armchair AI take into account when suggesting business ideas?
How can Armchair AI increase the likelihood of my business' success?
Is there a cost to use Armchair AI?
How long does it take to receive business suggestions from Armchair AI?
How does Armchair AI take my skills and experiences into account?
What differentiates Armchair AI from other business idea generators?
Can Armchair AI help identify the right business for different stages of entrepreneurship?
How does Armchair AI ensure the business suggestions align with my goals and objectives?
Will Armchair AI suggest business ideas outside of my industry experience?
Can Armchair AI provide me with side hustle ideas based on my interests and passions?
How is Armchair AI different from other AI tools?
Can Armchair AI help me start a side hustle to make extra money?
Can I use Armchair AI to find business ideas if I want to quit my job?
Can Armchair AI adjust business suggestions based on my available time?
Is Armchair AI suitable for people great at technical skills like coding?
Why does Armchair AI not use marketing language or buzzwords in its suggestions?


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