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Recruits matched using LinkedIn data for sourcing.
Generated by ChatGPT
AroundDeal TalentAI simplifies hiring on LinkedIn by leveraging AI sourcing with top-tier contact data. Employers can receive best-fit talent recommendations in seconds, transforming the recruitment landscape. With a global database boasting over 120 million emails and phone numbers, the platform facilitates direct conversations and faster hiring than traditional methods.

This innovative solution harnesses ChatGPT's capabilities to effortlessly convert job descriptions into a curated shortlist. The AroundDeal Extension integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn Jobs pages, enabling users to source candidates effortlessly, matching job descriptions with a click of a button.

Beyond its prowess in talent acquisition, AroundDeal Extension offers additional features, such as finding emails and expanding networks. Loved by sales and marketing professionals, it provides a top-ranked sales intelligence solution known for its accuracy, user-friendly interface, and advanced functionalities.

In a digital era where time is of the essence, AroundDeal stands as a beacon of efficiency, redefining hiring practices and empowering users to connect with the right talent effortlessly.

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AroundDeal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 13th 2023.
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