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Turn data into words with Natural Language Generation.
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Arria NLG is an advanced AI tool focused on Natural Language Generation. It helps turn complex data into insightful narratives, thereby improving operational efficiencies.

The tool offers versatile applications including Arria Finance Analyst, Arria Investment Analyst, Arria for Excel, and Arria for RPA, showing its expansive use across different functions and industries.

Arria NLG Studio and Arria Connect form part of the wider platform, providing a comprehensive suite for NLG solutions. The tool is developed with diverse user needs in mind, catering to various industries such as finance, pharma, energy, quick service restaurants, consumer research, consumer goods, government and military, real estate, news and media.

These capabilities make Arria NLG a powerful solution for businesses to leverage their data for more effective communication. Arria also extends a variety of community resources including a resource library, document library, video library, demos and case studies.

These resources help educate users and showcase the tool's capabilities. The business also offers an Arria Academy as a platform for further learning.

Integration possibilities extend its usage, while the platform's leadership continues to innovate based on core patented technology.


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Pros and Cons


Industry-specific solutions
Operational efficiency
Cost savings
Enterprise reporting
Content automation
Customizable NLG applications
Free trials
Educational resources
Financial and investment analytics
Excel integration
Robot Process Automation (RPA) capabilities
Narrative generation
Versatile applications
Scalable across industries
Community resources
Arria Academy
Multiple integrations
Company leadership
Patented technologies
Various deployment options
Supports data analysis
Turns data into narratives
Arria Finance Analyst
Arria Investment Analyst
Arria for Excel
Arria for RPA
Arria NLG Studio
Arria Connect
Document library
Video library
Offers demos and case studies
Offers partner program
Provides technical support
Resource library
Offers agent automation
Provides core patents
Allows secure data processing
Reliable narrative automation
RESTful API for easy integration
Interactive BI dashboard
Produces expert-level narratives
User-friendly Excel add-in
High ROI
Task automation
Significant time savings
Live demo availability


Industry-specific solutions limiting
No multilingual support mentioned
Customization may require expertise
In-depth integration complexities
Mention of patented technology suggests potential lock-in
Lack of pricing transparency
No off-line functionality mentioned
Potential data security issues
Lacks peer-to-peer collaboration features
Information overload for novice users


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What is Arria Connect?
What materials are available for NLG Education in Arria?
What options are available for Arria NLG's deployment?
What industries have specific use cases in Arria NLG?
What types of documents can be generated using Arria NLG?
How can Arria NLG be integrated in Excel?
What are the capabilities of Arria NLG in Finance Analysis?
How does Arria NLG create content automation?
What are the options for trying out Arria NLG?
What resources are available for learning about Arria NLG?
Can you explain how Arria NLG improves operational efficiencies?
What makes Arria NLG different from other NLG tools?
What is the Arria Academy and how can it be used?

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