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Free AI Art Generator creating unique images from text descriptions.
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Artimator is an AI tool designed to generate distinct AI artwork from text descriptions in a variety of styles. It works by leveraging AI models like Stable Diffusion 1.5, Stable Diffusion XL (SD XL), Stable Diffusion 3 and Leonardo Diffusion to convert text into unique AI art pieces.

The tool is equipped with features such as 'text-to-image', 'photo-to-sketch', 'photo object removal', and 'face swap', offering broad creative possibilities.

It includes a user-friendly interface making it suitable for both beginners and experts and allows for high-resolution images downloads. The generated images come with full rights for the user, including commercial use, free of charge.

Artimator ensures the confidentiality of user uploads and resulting images. Also, with this tool, users can hide their generated images from public gallery publication and Google indexing.

In terms of payment options for additional services, the platform accepts different methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrency.


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Sep 21, 2023
I like Artimator because it is intuitive, fast and provides full rights to use the images I created for commercial use!
May 18, 2023
The best styles in the world! :fire:

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Pros and Cons


Generates unique images
Uses text or photos
Multiple style options
Premium service available
Provides image generation control
Features: text-to-image, photo-to-sketch
Features: photo object removal, face swap
User-friendly interface
High-resolution images download
Full rights on generated images
Image confidentiality
Gallery for all generated images
Images copyright applicable
Payment options: credit, cryptocurrency
Hides images from public view
No ads or delays
Image size upscaling
Image ownership option
Full commercial use rights
Hyper-detail image generation
Image style transformation options
Built for experts and beginners
Enables face swaps
Photo object replacement
Confidentiality of user uploads
Removes unwanted photo objects
High-resolution downloads upto 2048x2048
Hides images from Google indexing
User-friendly interface on all devices
Uses Stable Diffusion 1.5, XL, 3
Uses Leonardo Diffusion model
Art styles for diverse expression
Converter of drawing into realistic photos
Services include text-to-image, photo-to-sketch
Removal of unwanted objects from photo
Full rights including commercial use
All-in-one generator
Base resolution of 1024px
Suitable for beginners and experts
Privacy protection measures
Secure payments


Limited free styles
Premium features gated
Subscription for upscale images
No ad-free on free version
No ownership on free images
Requires subscription for style choices
Doesn't work offline
Limited base resolution
Confidentiality not guaranteed


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How does Artimator ensure image confidentiality?
Does Artimator allow high-resolution images downloads?
Can I hide my generated images from public in Artimator?
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What is the 'photo-to-sketch' feature in Artimator?
How does the 'face swap' feature work in Artimator?
Can I generate 3D model images in Artimator?
What's the process for creating Disney 3D images in Artimator?
Can I remove objects from my photos using Artimator?
How does the AI technology generate images from my descriptions in Artimator?
What is the 'text-to-image' feature in Artimator?
Can I use Artimator to transform my photo into different artistic expressions?

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