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Generated art descriptions from analyzed language.
Generated by ChatGPT

Art Review Generator is a natural language processing tool and text generator that uses deep matrices of probability to generate and analyze language used to describe fine art.

It takes a set of words as a prompt and then generates a medium length set of sentences that approximate the training data, which is 57 years of art reviews from Artforum.

This tool is not an artificial intelligence, but it is used as an example of AI in mainstream news articles. The interpreter does not understand the prompt or the training data, but it does have a billion examples of how words are used together in typical sentences.

Modern art reviews are used to train the tool because the language used is distinctive and unique to human expression. The tool can generate plausible sentences and larger constructs of language that simulate a thesis and supporting statements.

It can also reveal bias, prejudice, and judgement in some of the generated results, as well as its own effects from the training process. The language of art reviews has changed over the years and this generator combines perspectives from multiple decades in novel ways.


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Pros and Cons


Generates medium length sentences
Trained on 57 years data
Generates thesis and statements
Reveals language bias
Combines multiple decades perspectives
Can analyze language
Identifies language transition over years
Generates unique human expression
Generates text with deep matrices of probability
Generates plausible sentences
Detects prejudice and judgement
Simulates distinctive language used in art reviews
Can handle esoteric jargon


Lacks comprehension of inputs
Combines perspectives problematically
Potentially biased results
Generates esoteric jargon
No interactive learning
Limited to art reviews
Inaccurate sentence constructs
Outputs lack context
Can generate prejudice


What is the Art Review Generator?
How does the Art Review Generator work?
What's the purpose of the Art Review Generator?
What data is used to train the Art Review Generator?
Why are modern art reviews used to train the Art Review Generator?
What can you generate with the Art Review Generator?
How does the Art Review Generator use probability matrices?
What makes the text generated by Art Review Generator unique?
Does the Art Review Generator understand the text it is generating?
How can biases be revealed in the generated reviews?
Do the generated descriptions of art include intent, emotion, technique, and impact?
How does the Art Review Generator simulate a thesis and its supporting statements?
What are the possible mistakes that the Art Review Generator makes?
How can the Art Review Generator contribute to our understanding of art reviews?
How does the Art Review Generator deal with heavy academic and esoteric jargon?
How have the perspectives been combined in different eras using the Art Review Generator?
What changes have been observed in the language of art reviews over the years through the Art Review Generator?
Is the Art Review Generator an example of AI?
Can Art Review Generator's outputs help in understanding human culture?
How does the influence of the training process show up in the generated reviews?


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