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Ask an AI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool designed to respond to user queries with accurate answers. It is capable of handling both simple and complex queries.

The tool is developed to assist users by providing quick responses to their inquiries. The critical functionalities include redirecting to different linked pages and returning to the original scroll position before a link was clicked on the index.html page.

It has an efficient session storage functionality to remember the scroll position. However, the tool does not seem to perform tasks related to providing specific links or forecasts about future online content.

It also frames responses with respect to community guidelines and does not engage in providing inappropriate content.


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Ask an AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Handles complex queries
Quick response time
User-friendly interface
No question type limitations
Link redirection functionality
Scroll position memory
Community guidelines adherence
Inappropriate content filter
Allows session storage
Efficient coding examples
Offers content in multiple languages
Advanced question answering
Page navigability
Can interpret obscure requests


Lacks specific link provision
No future content forecasting
No task automation
Limited inappropriate content filtering
Doesn't support child safety guidelines
No multi-language support
No viewing history option
Can't provide recent links
No explicit content warning


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How does Ask an AI filter inappropriate content?
Is Ask an AI solely text-based or does it also support other forms of communication?
How quick is the response time of Ask an AI?
Does Ask an AI require any specific system requirements for optimal use?
Can Ask an AI be used for professional research purposes?
Is there a limitation on the number of queries I can make to Ask an AI?
Can Ask an AI forecast future online content?
How does Ask an AI respond to language-specific queries?
What happens when Ask an AI does not have the answer to a query?
Can I use code with Ask an AI with the session storage function for local position in index.html?
Is Ask an AI capable of general conversation apart from answering specific queries?
Is there a standard format for posing questions to Ask an AI platform?

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