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Creation of accurate and detailed Q&A systems.
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AskAI is an AI-driven Q&A tool that enables users to quickly and easily create an AI-powered Q&A system with their own content. This user-friendly tool requires no coding or technical expertise and can be used to create sophisticated Q&A systems in just a few minutes.

AskAI uses OpenAI embeddings and GPT-3 to provide accurate and detailed answers to questions posed. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as onboarding new employees, studying for exams, understanding contracts and legislation, and quickly digesting complex textbooks.

AskAI also offers a range of pricing options and plans to suit different needs, from free to unlimited, as well as a 14 day money back guarantee. AskAI is continuously improving and offers a range of additional resources such as a Discord channel, an Affiliate scheme, a Roadmap/Feedback platform, a Privacy Policy and Terms.


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Pros and Cons


No coding expertise required
Rapid system creation
Accurate and detailed answers
Versatility in applications
Variety of pricing options
14 day money back guarantee
Continuously updating
Has a Discord channel
Has Affiliate Scheme
Feedback platform available
Uses GPT-3
Capable of multifaceted Q&A systems
Customizable appearance and response
Embeddable on websites
Readable and understandable responses
24/7 Availability
Tools for knowledge unlocking
Various content form compatibility
Updates and improves over time
API accessibility
By-passes jargon filled content
Web chat support
On-hand email and Zoom support
Capability to share or embed
Content customization
Supports multiple languages
Supports a learning environment
Facilitates efficient onboarding
Ideal for contract and legislation understanding
Allows addition of more content
Accessible roadmap
Joinable crowd of users
Simplifies complex textbooks reading
Enables knowledge for all
Website embedding possible
Option for branding removal
High monthly question limit
Useful for content creators
Offers student discount
Allows CSV uploads
Unlimited content under Beast plan
Unlimited question feature
Rapid query resolution
Affordable Hobby plan
Professional plan for businesses
Can be shared via link


Limit on questions/month
Content limit for each plan
Costly for higher plans
No CSV support in starter plan
Limited customization in lower plans
Priority support for higher plans only
Limited content types for lower plans


What is AskAI?
How does AskAI leverage GPT-3 for Q&A systems?
How quickly can I create a Q&A system with AskAI?
Do I need any coding or technical skills to use AskAI?
What are the potential applications of AskAI?
How is AskAI useful for studying for exams or understanding complex material?
Can AskAI be used for onboarding new employees?
What are the pricing options for AskAI?
Is there a free trial for AskAI?
What is meant by AskAI's 'no jargon, simple answers' feature?
How can AskAI help in finding information from large measures of content?
Does AskAI provide a way to customize responses to questions?
Can AskAI support different languages?
How does AskAI operate round the clock?
What types of files can I upload onto AskAI for Q&A generation?
Can I share my AskAI Q&A system on my website or on other platforms?
What do you mean by 'Add more content over time to improve your AskAI'?
How does AskAI ensure that it only answers questions based on the content I provide?
How can I remove AskAI branding from my Q&A system?
Is there a refund policy for AskAI?

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