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Ask an AI Lawyer for Free Online is a web-based service offering free legal advice to users from the comfort of their own home. The platform utilizes advanced AI technology to provide users with comprehensive answers to their legal questions within five minutes of submission.

As of now, the AI is configured to answer legal questions according to the law of the United States. Users can submit their questions through a user-friendly interface and receive answers that can be viewed under the "Latest Questions" section.

The service is simple, reliable, and completely free, eliminating the need for users to spend hours researching legal advice online or paying consultation fees to lawyers.

Users should note that their questions and answers will be published publicly, so they should avoid providing any personal information. Also, questions related to other jurisdictions may not get correct answers as the AI is designed to respond based on the laws of the United States.

The platform is only for legal questions, and irrelevant or explicit sex questions will be ignored. Overall, Ask an AI Lawyer for Free Online is a useful tool for users seeking quick and reliable legal advice without the need to hire a lawyer or spend much time researching online.


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Aug 12, 2023
Tried asking it a question and just receive a 404 response.

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Pros and Cons


Free legal advice
User-friendly interface
Quick responses
Comprehensive answers
Answers according to US law
Public questions and answers
Supports various legal categories
No consultation fees
No need for personal research
Not sex explicit
Allows for jurisdiction assistance
Answer within 5 minutes
No personal data required
Indication of latest questions
User's anonymity
Access from home comfort
Latest questioned easily accessible
Cross-references legal database


Only US law perspective
Publicly published questions/answers
Limited to legal issues
Explicit content ignored
No multi-question submission
Inefficient for short questions
Inability to provide personal context
No privacy for sensitive legal questions
No jurisdiction-specific advice


What is Ask an AI Lawyer?
How does Ask an AI Lawyer work?
Is there a fee to use Ask an AI Lawyer?
What kind of legal questions can Ask an AI Lawyer answer?
How quickly does Ask an AI Lawyer respond to questions?
Can I use Ask an AI Lawyer from outside of the US?
Does Ask an AI Lawyer respect user privacy during question submission?
Where can I find the answers to my questions on Ask an AI Lawyer?
What categories of legal questions can I ask on Ask an AI Lawyer?
Can I ask more than one question at a time on Ask an AI Lawyer?
What types of questions won't Ask an AI Lawyer answer?
Do I need a lawyer for my legal issue if I use Ask an AI Lawyer?
Is there a word limit for the questions asked on Ask an AI Lawyer?
What happens if I include personal information in my question to Ask an AI Lawyer?
What type of AI technology does Ask an AI Lawyer use?
Can I ask any non-legal questions on Ask an AI Lawyer?
Is the advice from Ask an AI Lawyer legally binding?
Is Ask an AI Lawyer updated with latest laws of United States?
Are the answers provided by Ask an AI Lawyer reviewed by real lawyers?
Does Ask an AI Lawyer cover questions related to medical malpractice laws?

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