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Analyzed insights from CSV files.
Generated by ChatGPT

AskCSV is an AI-powered tool that enables users to easily analyze data stored in CSV or TSV files. With a user-friendly interface and simple instructions, even beginners can quickly ask questions about their data and receive insights in seconds.

The tool allows users to perform various data analyses, from uncovering top-selling products and frequently bought items to identifying the best marketing campaigns and comparing the return on investment (ROI) of different campaigns.

The AI technology used by AskCSV helps users find the best chart for their data, making data visualization much easier. Additionally, the tool ensures users' data privacy by processing the CSV files directly in their browser's memory without any server uploads.

AskCSV's platform is designed with rigorous safeguards to protect users' data and privacy and prevent any unauthorized access or misuse. AskCSV is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to analyze data without spending too much time or effort.

Its limitless insights provide users with solutions to pressing questions, and its easy-to-use interface means users do not have to be data experts to use it.

The tool is compatible with CSV and TSV files, and it works with any browser, making it an accessible solution for all users.


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May 4, 2024
I'm unsure what this does differently than ChatGPT? A bit underwhelmed. Maybe I'm not using it correctly.
Apr 18, 2024
Looks good, did not work for me for a very simple data query. gave back gibberish numbers where it should have been text :( would def not give them the 2.99 i fear it would be for nothing at this point.
Mar 4, 2024
does not work :(
May 7, 2023
It has potential, but even though I paid for a day pass, it still wasn't able to deliver good results. The idea is great, but even the questions it suggests are too complex for it to actually complete. It has a long way to go before it's anything like OpenAI ChatGPT. I'll keep an eye out for it to improve! If it can do what it claims to do then it'd be great.
Apr 25, 2023
I asked the simplest question about spreadsheets and got the answer that the question was too difficult. After that, he offered me the average values from the data table, which anyone can easily get in the spreadsheet itself. This is the most ordinary garbage, just an advertisement.

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Pros and Cons


Analyzes CSV and TSV files
User-friendly interface
Instant data insights
Performs various data analyses
Automatic data visualization
Chart suggestions according to data
Handles data privacy
In-browser data processing
No server uploads
Data protection safeguards
Accessible for non-data experts
Browser compatibility
Data analysis without effort
Unlimited insight generation
Analyzes sales data
Identifies top-selling products
Analyzes marketing ROI
Identifies frequently bought items
Similarity searches within data
Supports headers in data
Local data management


Limited to CSV/TSV files
Cannot upload to servers
Insufficient data security features
Limited browser-based operation
Lacks advanced analytics features
No API functionalities
Not open source
Provides only basic visualizations
No multi-language support
Lack of integration options


What is AskCSV?
How does AskCSV use AI technology?
What file formats does AskCSV support?
What data analyses can AskCSV do?
How does AskCSV help find the best chart for my data?
Are there any browser requirements to use AskCSV?
How is AskCSV able to ensure data privacy?
Will my data be uploaded to AskCSV servers?
How user-friendly is AskCSV's interface?
Can beginners use AskCSV?
How quickly can I get insights from my data using AskCSV?
How can AskCSV help me identify top-selling products?
Can AskCSV analyze ROI of different marketing campaigns?
What are the pricing options available for AskCSV?
What are the safety measures taken by AskCSV to protect data and privacy?
Can AskCSV be used to identify frequently bought items together?
How does AskCSV compare to other AI tools for data analysis?
How does AskCSV work with TSV files?
What is the process to start analyzing data with AskCSV?
What are the possibilities and limitations of the questions I can ask AskCSV?

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