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Chatbot for automated team productivity in Slack.
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Askmiku is a powerful Slackbot that helps teams maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. With OpenAI capabilities, context-aware thread continuation and Google integration, Askmiku can provide instant answers to questions, schedule meetings, set reminders, generate code, debug errors, and more.

Askmiku remembers the context of conversations, so users don't have to start from scratch each time they ask a question. It also integrates with Google Calendar to help users stay organized and on top of their schedule.

Teams can use Askmiku to automate FAQs, research trends, generate policies, and much more. Askmiku is easy to use, with users simply typing /INVITE @ASKMIKU in a Slack channel to get started.

It comes with a 7-day free trial, and users can upgrade their plan as they grow. Askmiku has been praised by customers for its ability to help streamline workflow, get answers faster, and reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks.


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Pros and Cons


Slack integration
Google Calendar integration
Context-aware thread continuation
Automates FAQs
Generates code
Debugs errors
Easy to use
7-day free trial
Streamlines workflow
Reduces manual tasks
Answers quickly
Remembers conversation context
Researches trends
Generates policies
Schedules meetings from Slack
Sets reminders from Slack
Technical question handling
Data validation assistance
Error handling assistance
Generates email drafts
Provides outbound strategy
Generates call scripts
Job description creation
Policy generation
Automates HR FAQs
Marketing strategy assistance
SEO & Keyword assistance
Blog writing assistance
Landing page copy creation
Researches stock pricing
Regulation tracking
Data analysis support
Answers legal-related questions
Work document summary
Document creation
Language translation
No credit card required for trial
Customisable according to needs
Efficient customer support
No limit on requests
Fine-tuning options available
Understands and answers any question
Improves team collaboration
Handles documentation
App Integration
Generates policy
Creates meeting and reminder in Google Calendar


Only integrates with Slack
Limited Google integration
Only commands by text
Contextual understanding not perfect
Requires /INVITE @ASKMIKU to start
7 day free trial only
Upgrade plan necessary for growth
No multi-language support mentioned
Unclear limitations on requests


How does Askmiku work?
What is Askmiku's OpenAI capabilities?
How does Askmiku use its context-aware thread continuation feature?
Can Askmiku schedule meetings or set reminders?
Can it integrate with Google Calendar?
What types of questions can Askmiku answer?
How do users get started with Askmiku?
What are the pricing plans for Askmiku?
What does the 7-day free trial offer?
How has Askmiku been helpful for teams?
Can Askmiku generate code?
How does Askmiku help in debugging errors?
Which teams can use Askmiku and in what ways?
How does Askmiku help in maximizing efficiency?
What kind of policies can Askmiku generate?
What's the process to invite Askmiku to a Slack channel?
Can Askmiku assist in researching trends?
How can Askmiku assist the finance team?
What language translations can Askmiku provide for the legal team?
What's the process of upgrading a plan in Askmiku?

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