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AskMore is an AI-powered tool that conducts user interviews, providing a faster and more efficient way to gather feedback. Unlike traditional methods, AskMore allows for in-depth insights at scale by complementing face-to-face interviews with the ability to talk to a larger number of participants.

This tool eliminates the need for scheduling calls as participants can respond at their convenience, resulting in better response rates. AskMore also ensures unbiased interviews by using research best practices to ask quality questions and generate meaningful insights.

Additionally, AskMore supports multiple languages, automatically translating interviews for a more diverse range of feedback. One of the key benefits of AskMore is the generation of shareable reports that eliminate the time-consuming process of manually reviewing interview notes for insights.

This feature allows users to easily find valuable information and quotes without spending hours searching for them. Overall, AskMore provides a convenient and efficient solution for conducting user research, offering a scalable approach that increases the quantity and diversity of feedback obtained.

The tool's translation capabilities, bias elimination, and hassle-free scheduling make it a valuable resource for those looking to gather insights from a wide range of users.


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