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Document analysis and interaction via conversation.
Generated by ChatGPT

AsktheDoc is a tool that allows users to chat with their documents, including doc, docx, and pdf files, using natural language processing powered by chatGPT.

It aims to eliminate the need for manual searching and reading through lengthy documents by providing a conversational interface. Users can ask questions, request summaries, find specific information, and perform research tasks directly within their documents.The tool supports a variety of use cases, such as research, generating reports, analyzing storybooks, extracting key information, understanding instructions, reviewing legal documents, examining financial reports, and studying materials.

It accepts popular file formats such as pdf and doc, with more formats planned for future support.In terms of usage, users can easily upload their documents and start conversing with them.

AsktheDoc also allows users to download their chats, helping them create high-quality reports efficiently. The tool offers flexible plans with different credit limits and file upload capabilities to cater to different user needs.AsktheDoc emphasizes privacy and data security, ensuring that user data is protected.

The tool's website provides a contact form and links to their Twitter profile and privacy policy for users seeking more information or assistance.Overall, AsktheDoc simplifies document interaction by leveraging chatGPT's language capabilities, enabling users to engage with their documents in a more conversational and efficient manner.

AsktheDoc was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports doc, docx, pdf
Chat interface for documents
Powered by chatGPT
Eliminates manual searching
Request document summaries
Find specific information
Supports multiple use cases
Accepts popular file formats
Easy document upload
Downloadable chat logs
Flexible plans
Data privacy emphasis
Data security emphasis
User-friendly website
Supports report generation
Supports analyzing storybooks
Supports legal document review
Supports financial report analysis
Supports instructions understanding
Enables efficient studying
Anticipated wider file format support
Quick upload and start
Efficient for research tasks
Contact form availability
Twitter link for updates
Clearly stated privacy policy
Simplifies document interaction
Enables conversational document engagement
Chat creates high-quality reports
Document interaction similar to chatting
Tool brings documents to life
Option to easily download chat
Wide range of use cases
Expanding features in future
Supports students and workers
Various credit limits and plans
Supports file with no page limit
No credits expiration date
Caters to different user needs
Upload and find information easily
File upload not limited
Credit use transparency
Accessible customer support
Future PPT, URL, YouTube support


Supports limited file formats
May miss deeper contextual understanding
Credit-based system
Limited support options
No version control
Potential inaccuracy in reports
Not for non-English documents
No offline use
No real-time collaboration
No developer API


What is AsktheDoc?
How does AsktheDoc work with documents?
Which file formats does AsktheDoc support?
Can AsktheDoc comprehend and respond to natural language inquiries?
What is AsktheDoc's primary aim and utilization?
How does AsktheDoc assist with efficiency?
What tasks can AsktheDoc perform within a document?
How secure is my data when using AsktheDoc?
In what various use cases can AsktheDoc be beneficial?
Is it possible to download chats from AsktheDoc?
What subscription plans does AsktheDoc offer?
How does AsktheDoc aid with generating high-quality reports?
What additional features does AsktheDoc have planned for the future?
Why would AsktheDoc be useful for studying materials?
How does AsktheDoc handle searching and reading through large documents?
How to get in touch with AsktheDoc support?
Does AsktheDoc put up any limit on the number of pages in a document?
What's the difference between AsktheDoc's Basic and Pro plans?
Is it easy to upload files in AsktheDoc?
What assurances does AsktheDoc give on privacy and data protection?


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