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Pose 3 daily questions to great minds and scientists.
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askThee is an innovative AI tool designed to allow users to interact and ask questions to notable personalities from various fields including scientists, artists, and philosophers.

Users can pose inquiries in any language, up to three per 24-hour period, creating an immersive experience that simulates having a conversation with figures like Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, frida Kahlo, and many more.

The tool utilizes AI technology to provide insightful responses, maintaining a level of interaction that encourages curiosity, expands knowledge, and facilitates an engaging learning environment.

Users have the chance to learn more about the chosen personality's field, experiences, and thoughts, making this a unique tool for learning and exploration.

Beyond this, askThee offers more as users can also access a store for shirts and accessories, and stay updated on upcoming projects like CHEFJEEPT - a tool to get a recipe from a picture of your ingredients, and the 'DOODLEAI' - a creative AI tool.

The tool is powered by ChatGPT-3.5 turbo and Next.js, indicating industry-standard AI performance.


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AskThee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Offers 3 daily questions
Questions in any language
ChatGPT-3.5 turbo powered
Features notable personalities
Interactive learning environment
Access to store
Updates on upcoming projects
Unique way to learn
Conversation simulation
Powered by Next.js
Fosters curiosity expansion
Promotes knowledge gain
Provides insightful responses
Inclusion of various fields
Personalities' field exploration
Daily question limit
Accessible in English, Spanish


Limit of 3 questions daily
No real-time interaction
Personality selection is finite
Lacks profile personalization
No mobile application
Limited learning depth
Confines to famous personalities
No multi-session conversations
No user-to-user interaction
Not open-source


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Can AskThee simulate a conversation with figures like Albert Einstein or Frida Kahlo?
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What upcoming projects are there on AskThee?
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