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Low-code platform for building generative apps.
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Aspen is an AI-powered low-code platform for building generative web apps. It enables developers to quickly and easily build AI applications without the need for extensive coding.

It provides a range of features to facilitate the development process, including authentication, payments, templates, hosting, and deployment. It also allows users to train their own custom models with an intuitive playground.

Pricing starts at $35 per month, with free tiers available. Launching early 2023, Aspen is a powerful tool to help developers participate in the AI revolution.

Aspen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Low-code platform
Generative app building
Quick and easy development
Authentication feature
Payment integration
Pre-designed templates
Hosting services
Deployment services
Custom model training
Intuitive playground interface
Boilerplate frontend generation
Input and output format selection
Peripheral requirements handling
Single dashboard management
Scalable authentication
Pre-built Stripe integrations
Instant project launching
Supports diverse user inputs
Model presets available
Affordable pricing
Free tiers available
Configure model settings
User onboarding facility
MVP playground
Launching in 2023


Expensive starting price
Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited frontend customization
Limited database configurations
Pre-built authentication
Launches in 2023
Only boilerplate Stripe integrations
Limited templates variety
In-beta model training


What is Aspen?
What is the purpose of Aspen?
How does Aspen work?
What features does Aspen provide for building web apps?
What is the pricing structure for Aspen?
How can Aspen facilitate quicker web app development?
Does Aspen provide any provisions for hosting and deployment?
Is Aspen limited to any specific type of apps?
Is any coding experience needed to use Aspen?
How does Aspen handle user authentication?
What payment systems does Aspen integrate with?
Does Aspen provide any premade templates?
What kind of web apps can I build with Aspen?
Do I get a freemium version or free trial with Aspen?
What does it mean by 'train your own models' in Aspen?
What type of user inputs can Aspen handle?
What does launching my app with Aspen involve?
Can I manage multiple web apps from Aspen's Dashboard?
What support does Aspen provide for databases?
When is Aspen launching?


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