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High-speed content creation platform.
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ATA is an AI-powered content platform designed to help teams break through creative barriers to generate incredible, original content at 10 times the speed.

It is suitable for writing blog posts, social media content, and marketing copy. It features AI-enabled writing templates to quickly generate high-quality copy, SEO optimization and content writer production to create Google-friendly, high-quality original content.

Certified Code helps organizations deliver client work at an incredibly fast pace. ATA is the perfect AI assistant to help people like you create better content 10 times faster.

Sign up for free to learn more about how ATA can help you automate your copywriting and expand your business.


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Pros and Cons


High-speed content creation
Assists in breaking creative barriers
Suitable for diverse content types
SEO optimization features
Enhances content writer production
Creates Google-friendly content
Fast client work delivery
Improves content creation speed
Automates copywriting process
Hands-on learning with free sign up
Supports original content creation
Optimized for marketing copy
Ideal for social media content
Facilitates business expansion
Great for blog posts


High-speed may compromise quality
No multilingual support mentioned
No content customization features listed
Lack of user-friendly interface
No collaboration features specified
No specified support for varying content formats
Lack of distinct SEO tools
No information about data security
Unclear pricing details
No API for integration indicated


What does ATA stand for in the context of this SEO tool?
What are the different content types ATA can create?
How does ATA use AI to accelerate content creation?
What is the speed of content creation with ATA compared to traditional methods?
Does ATA have special features for SEO optimization?
What types of writing templates does ATA offer?
Is ATA suitable for social media content creation?
Can ATA assist with writing marketing copy?
How does ATA ensure the created content is Google-friendly?
Can ATA be used by teams collectively at the same time?
How does Certified Code enhance ATA's content delivery pace?
How do I sign up for a free ATA trial?
Does ATA automate copywriting in any language or only English?
Who would benefit the most from using ATA?
How can ATA help in expanding my business?
Is there a limit to the amount of content that can be created using ATA?
Can ATA draft blog posts?
How can ATA contribute to breaking creative barriers?
Is the content generated by ATA considered as high-quality?
Can ATA's content creation be customized based on specific industry domain?

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