Task automation 08 Mar 2022
Automated task management for organizations.

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APAC AI’s Account Portal is a powerful AI tool designed to help organizations save time and money. It is powered by Athena, a hyper-intelligent AI companion that is integrated into your Slack workspace.

With Athena, users can automate thousands of repetitive tasks, make profitable data-backed decisions, and save hundreds of hours of work each month. The Account Portal offers two plans: Athena Enterprise, which is designed for organizations and costs $100/month, and Athena Personal, which is designed for individuals and costs $50/month.

In addition, APAC AI also offers a range of other services, including a blog, a roadmap, a community Discord server, and a Reddit page. All of these services are designed to help users get the most out of their AI tools, and to ensure that they are compliant with the company’s privacy policy and terms of use.

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Pros and Cons


Automated task management
Integrated into Slack
Data-driven decision making
Saves hundreds of hours monthly
Enterprise and personal plans
Comprehensive user support services
Community Discord server
Blogs for knowledge sharing
Roadmap for transparency
Reddit community
Competitive pricing
1,000+ active user base
Privacy policy compliance
Terms of use compliance


Limited to Slack integration
Expensive subscription plans
Lacks customization options
No offline functionality
No free trial offered
Limited user interface
No mobile application
Limited user support
No multilingual support
No on-premise installation


What is Athena?
What kind of tasks can Athena automate?
How does Athena save organizations time and money?
How is Athena integrated into Slack workspace?
What is the difference between Athena Enterprise and Athena Personal?
What is the cost of Athena Enterprise and Athena Personal?
What other services does APAC AI offer?
What is the APAC AI privacy policy and terms of use?
How many active users does Athena have?
What kind of decisions can be made using the data provided by Athena?
How do I sign in to the APAC AI Account Portal?
Where can I find the roadmap for Athena's development?
How can I join the Athena community?
Where can I find the blogposts about Athena?
How does Athena's task automation work?
What features does an Athena Enterprise subscription offer compared to a Personal subscription?
Can I use Athena on an individual basis?
How can I contact APAC AI support?
Are there any guides or tutorials on how to use Athena?
How frequently is Athena updated?

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