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Democratize Creation Through Multi-Modality AI
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The APAC AI ACCOUNT Portal is a collection of AI tools designed to aid in process automation and research. Key parts of this suite include Athena, an AI toolset made to automate workflows encoded in natural language, and the powerful language model, Andromeda.

Athena is comprehensive with various extensions that allow users to automate numerous tasks directly on their web browser and convert textual information into automated workflows.

Athena also includes a fast AI-powered search utility with reliable citations to streamline information retrieval. The portal introduces Swarms, an AI solution intended to reliably automate numerous activities with autonomous AI agents.

Furthermore, it includes an organization named Agora, with over 2000 members, devoted to progressive research and democratization of multi-modality AI models.

The portal's offerings are topped with a variety of learning resources, including a creator's list, providing users with lessons to enhance their creative capabilities and improve their efficiency by simplifying repetitive tasks.

Aimed at advancing humanity, the APAC AI ACCOUNT Portal democratizes creation and offers solutions to transform how we interact with technology.

APAC AI ACCOUNT Portal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Athena integrated into Slack
Automates thousands tasks
Profitable data-backed decisions
Option of two plans
Offers learning resources
Provides interactive community platforms
Workflow automation through language
Browser task automation via Athena
Andromeda language model
Swarms for multiple task automation
Agora for collective intelligence
Workflow automation for text
Bite-sized lessons for creators
Automation in simple language
Reliable citations for search
Privacy Policy and Terms compliance
2000+ Agora members
Web browser extensions availability
Multiple modality democratization
Subscription model for users
Repetitive task streamlining
Process automation and research aid
Creator spirit enhancement
UX and UI design lessons
Timesaving solutions for routine tasks
Accessible via different platforms
Athena Enterprise and Personal plans
Company blog for updates
Roadmap for future planning
Automated workflows converting text
Reddit page for discussions
Community Discord server
Reclamation tips and tricks
Provides organization advancement
Individual and organizational usability
Comprehensive Athena toolset


Expensive for individuals
Only integrates with Slack
No clear cancellation policy
Relies heavily on user's language
No free plan available
Lack of direct customer support
No mobile application
Swarms and Andromeda in early access
Limited workflow automation capabilities
Closed community for research (Agora)


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What is the Agora organization?
How does Athena transform text into automated workflows?
Can I use Athena for fast AI-powered search?
What does it mean to democratize creation through multi-modality AI?
What are the learning resources available in the APAC AI Account Portal?
What is the Athena Browser Workflow Automator?
How can Athena help me save hundreds of hours of work?
What kind of support does APAC AI offer in keeping with company’s privacy policy and terms of use?
How does the APAC AI Account Portal plan to transform our interaction with technology?
What is the Creator's List in the APAC AI Account Portal?

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